My Niko💗 was killed by a one should have to go through this💔

by Carla
(Somerset NJ)

I just lost my 11 year old dog NIKO💗 who means the world to me. He was attacked/murdered by a pitbull who was being walked by a girl in my development. She was right in front of my house, not sure why as she does not live that close to me, and was not paying attention and did not have a grip on her dog. It attacked my dog in a split second..the moment it saw Niko it went in attack mode and bit my dog and threw him in the air and then bit him a second time. This was not a dog fight in dog didn't even see this pitbull coming. I picked up my dog looking at his wounds and the way he looked at me breaks my heart to even think about. He is a fighter and fought for days but the wounds and impact on his lungs were too much and he couldn't breathe and had a heart attack. The dog is in the hands of animal control in Franklin Twp NJ and there will be a hearing next week. I was told by police officer it would be put down but animal control said it would not be unless it was deemed "vicious" and that only happens if it bit a human. The hearing is then just to determine if the dog will be declared "dangerous" which I do not even feel is a question. It seems this would just require the dog to be on a muzzle when it is being walked. I am concerned this will happen again to someone else's pet or child if I am not able to put a stop to it. Looking for advice from those of you have been unfortunate enough to have been through this. Thank you, Carla

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Apr 19, 2017
So very sorry
by: Anonymous

I am so very sorry for your loss. I did not see a date, so I am unaware how long ago you lost your beautiful Niko. We grieve our pets in the same manner we do our loved ones... they are our loved ones. Please know, from someone who has the ability to speak to spirit, your beloved Niko is right up there with the rest of your lost loved ones. So, even though you can't see him, he truly around you in spirit. I know that sounds silly, but it true.

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