My Noel

by pat

She was the best daughter in the world but it ended on March 10,2013. An asthma attach that led to cardiac arrest. Parametics could not save her. One minute she was here and the next gone, just that fast. I feel like I cant go on without her, it should have been me, everday since is an ordeal to get thru. I cant believe this has happened. In my worst nightmares I never imagined this.

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Jun 19, 2013
Forever changed
by: Anonymous

Jan 8th, 2013. That may as well be written on my headstone as I died the day my 22 year old daughter died. The hurt, torment, anger, emptiness. I hate everyone and everything, including myself. Life is nothing more than a burden

Apr 29, 2013
Your precious daughter
by: Kate

Your words ring true to me ,I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my son 5 months ago and know what you are saying. Death is so hard so deep and so devestating. Children are our joy and death snatches joy and life from us. We do not know how to go on or bear this but we some how do. You will find support here because this is the place when we cry,speak,hurt and heal as we struggle along each day. There is no where to go really but on this site,you are understood and have support that we need so much. My heart goes out to you. Take one moment at a time. For me I call God many many times for help. I can't do this on my own and death is the intimate pain. Hugs for you.

Apr 29, 2013
My Noel
by: Doreen U.K.

Pat I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Daughter to a sudden death. We go on in life as normal not wondering what could suddenly come upon us and change our lives for the worse forever. A Child is a gift we treasure each day. We rear that child and then to suddenly lose her is the worst pain a mother could bear. Nothing can take this pain away but TIME. A crushing pain that stops us from living.
I have Asthma and I know how terrible this is to live with. I have stopped using my inhalers a long time ago. I lost my husband to cancer almost 1 yr. ago and I am only now coming to grips with my grief and it feels like Agony. For you it has only been 7weeks and it will have been the longest time in your life to bear such unending pain that seems as if it won't go. I wake up each morning and find it difficult to believe that I feel depressed. I force myself to do at least one job a day. Today it is making bread. Then I will curl up on the sofa and go to sleep. I just do what I am able each day. I was married 44yrs. so this is such an adjustment for me and it won't happen at the moment.
If you are struggling with losing your daughter some sessions of grief counselling support may be able to take the edge off your pain of loss, since this has been a sudden death.
You will some O.K. days and some bad days. But if you have good family and friends to support you this does make a difference. May God give you Peace and Comfort in your loss and help you in the days ahead.

Apr 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

None of us ever wanted to be in this terrible club, I lost my lovely son at 23yrs, that was 81 weeks ago and it seems like yesterday, my thoughts are with you, my only advice is to be kind to yourself, do whatever feels right at the time, if u want to sleep then sleep, if you want to cry then cry, if you just want to sit and think then do just that, don't let anyone make you do anything, now is your time. Us mums are very good at putting our needs second - now of all times you must put yourself first. It is a long long road, you will never be the same person that u were but you will get through this, my heart goes out to you xxx liz

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