My one and only "miss you"

by Essex D Cook

Me and my wife were high school and middle school sweethearts we met each other when I was 13 years old and she was 16 years old. We knew right away we were meant for each other we hung out daily for the first month before dating old boy but when we started dating it got even more better' two years later my girlfriend was pregnant with my first daughter but AnyWho will come back to the subject later with my family having the belief that they have they believe in marriage before child so I married this young lady with my legal guardian signature I was married and then a few months later the baby comes our daughter was our world no one could tell us anything about her because it was mama and daddy's girl. My wife is was older than me so she became 18 sooner than I did she went on to get her first apartment she joined the military for about a year for getting honorary discharge soon later I got a massive-paid from out the house I was living in joint my wife and child my wife is being a stay-at-home mother I put myself through college to become an educator I was a teacher by the age of 22 years old but it didn't last long before health problems hit homebase with me before having to take an early leave. So I ended up being a stay-at-home dad to along with my wife raising our daughter we love seeing each other daily going to bed to the one another waking up to one another we didn't have friends we were each other's friends. 6 years into the marriage it would soon be a new addition to the family my wife was pregnant again with my second daughter. By that time my sickness was somewhat under control I was going back to work but not as a teacher as a performer made more money put more money on the table by: performer I mean " male dancer" my wife was okay with it but her family wasn't you put a toll on my wife my wife got involved in drugs and it ended badly! I was married eight years before she passed away

I love you dearly Niccolette Cook

I do not wish to share how she died some of the story jumps skip some parts in our lives due to personal reasons I don't wish to share my whole life story with the Internet

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Apr 20, 2014
Deepest sympathy
by: lawrence

Hi Essex,
When I read your children passed away with your wife, I couldn’t begin to imagine the overwhelming pain you are in and my heart truly breaks for you.
To lose your entire family is everybody’s worst nightmare but for you it came true, how incredibly cruel is that.
I lost a very precious wife after being together for seventy years on Christmas day 2012 and the pain was indescribable and still is, but you lost everything, you must be in agony.
You asked to be put in our prayers, well you certainly will be put in mine, I only hope it helps.
You have joined a web site of people, like yourself who have lost someone we loved beyond life itself, and yet we are still here, slowly, week after week beginning to accept that our loved one has gone and trying to get on with our lives.
As a fellow heartbroken widower may I give you some advice, I don’t know how recent your terrible loss is, but it is so important to get out of your house, don’t stay and wallow in this tragedy, do anything, go to the local library and read the papers, go walking, join a social club where you will perhaps meet other people who have suffered a loss.
If you can play a musical instrument, when you feel you can do, it start playing again, anything Essex to occupy your mind and take it away from your terrible grief.
I am eighty five years old and have started violin lessons again after putting it in its case when I saw this beautiful fourteen year old girl at our youth club and knew instantly I would rather hold her than the violin, the next seventy years were bliss and proved me so right.
.After my love died, I took it out of its case, dusted it down and now practice hard, difficult concerto’s, it occupies my mind, as does writing books and composing music.
The pain is constant and will never go, but life goes on, the tears don’t fall as easily but I still cry if I see anything that reminds me of our wonderful life together.
Give your body and soul time to heal as in time it will, but help it by keeping your mind occupied.
With deepest sympathy


Apr 20, 2014
My one and only "miss you"
by: Doreen UK

Essex I am so sorry for your loss of your young wife and children. This is such a tragedy for you to lose your entire family. We never recover from our loss but in time we can live with less pain.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. 2yrs. ago next week to a deadly cancer. My heart is broken for losing such a precious man who I loved more than life. We have 3 Adult children all living their own independent lives. I have 2 adorable grandchildren who will never know this precious grandfather. Deprived of seeing these darling children grow up and teaching his grandson carpentry. My heart will be FOREVER broken. Even going on one day at a time is such a heavy burden but this is all we can do. May God be with you and comfort you in your sorrow and loss of your wife and children and May God give you His Peace.

Apr 20, 2014
by: Essex

Yes please keep me in your prayers I'm all alone now I didn't put my children in the storie but children passed away with my wife

Apr 19, 2014
Grieving mom
by: Leti

My heart goes out to you. My prayers are with you. I loss my first born son at the age 37 yrs old in a car accident on his way to work. He was such a great single father with 5 children he lefted behind. He had a heart attack. I miss him so much and the pain never goes away.miy pray each day for the pain to ease. God bless you and your in my prayers. Leti ( greiving mom).

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