My one and only wish

by Alan
(Maine, U.S.A.)

This will be a quick post.
If it were in my power, if it were at all possible my wish for the remainder of my time here on earth would be for me to personally meet everyone of you and look each one of you in the eyes, hug you, a long, soul stirring hug, maybe sit on a bench at a beach, or in a tree filled park and share our stories. Or be perfectly silent. Maybe share pictures, laugh through our tears. Help one another. Perhaps go to lunch, have a cup of coffee. Listen with ears that know the pain.

I know I am only dreaming but wouldn't it be nice......

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Jun 17, 2014
Your wish
by: Rick

Hugs to you as well, Alan.

Yours is a beautiful sentiment. It sounds like heaven. Or heaven on earth. Someday folks...some day. All who love God through loving others will join together in love and peace and understanding and praise to God.

Simple. Beautiful. I look forward to it.

Bless you all. - Rick

Apr 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

Yes that would be so good.
One of the things that is really hard is the fact you know most people around you don't truly understand the true feeling of grief and the depth of loss we feel. It's a place no one wants to imagine let alone have to go through.
We are all forced here without choice. It's a very dark place, but thanks to this site and reading through other peoples stories I don't feel as alone.

Apr 03, 2014
My One and Only Wish
by: christine

If wishes could come true this one would be the one. All of us knowing and understanding each others thoughts and feelings. The heartache and sadness we are all going through. We would come together as a huge family and console and comfort each other. We can do that with our thoughts and prayers for each other now, and know that we will be with our loved ones someday. Thank-you Allen for the beautiful thought. God Bless all of us.

Apr 03, 2014
by: June

Such a nice post and wish.
I still (after 2 years) come to this site at least once a week. I have met many people over the last 2 years since my husband, Mike, passed, that are going through this journey. I don't like being on "this journey" but have no choice except to make the best of every day. Friends and Family told me that it would get better with time. For me it is worse. I guess it is the reality that he really isn't coming back. My hope is to be "Together Again" (song by Paul Brandt). The comments by the compassionate people on this site has been a help to me. My thoughts and hugs to everyone on this journey.

Apr 02, 2014
One wish
by: Kate

This was the nicest post I ever read .
We all pour out our sorrow here but
You have brought warmth and kindness
To all of us and moved our hearts in a
Nice direction. Thank you so much.
May grace be upon you thank you !.

Apr 02, 2014
Thank you Alan
by: Lizzie from Australia

What a wonderful post Alan. Only those of us who have lost our life partner can understand our pain. I have suffered losses in the past (my parents and a sister) but nothing could have prepared me for the gut-wrenching despair of sudddenly losing my beautiful soulmate and best friend Pete 19 weeks ago. My grief is still raw, but coming to this site every day has helped me. I am starting to have more ok days. I still cry on the ok days, but am functioning better and hope that it is Pete's guidance that is getting me through. I have a long way to go, but thanks to the wonderful people here, I know I will somehow survive. I see this site as a healing memorial site for our beautiful life partners who are no longer with us. I love you Pete. Thanks Alan and may your God bless everyome here.

Apr 02, 2014
My one and only wish
by: Doreen UK

Hi Alan,
I had a wish when my husband was dying of cancer. That all those who were struggling with terminal illness or otherwise, would have the facility of Skyping each other which would be supportive and a comfort. My dying husband felt abandoned. But all those struggling now can process this idea which could be of immense comfort to each other. I am having difficulty getting Skype. But one day will be up and running. BUT What is holding all of you back from SKYPING each other. Just a thought. God Bless.

Apr 01, 2014
Dear Alan,
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful post. Wouldn't it be nice? All across the globe, young and old, this website is full of such compassionate, understanding and caring people. I have gained so much from being here over the past year, and many, many people have gotten me through some really tough days. I share your sentiment and wish I could meet them all. Wishing you peace, Barb

Apr 01, 2014
by: Lawrence

Dear Alan,
We are a group of people brought together by our intense grief and overwhelming sadness at losing the one person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with, and it hurts.
The house is so empty and lonely and frankly it was only reading all the comments and contributions that made me finally realize I would survive my nightmare and the agony and pain would go in time, it hasn’t yet and really I don’t expect it to but I thank God I found this web site..
Like you I would love to meet all the wonderful people who virtually saved my life when I wanted to end it, unable to face living alone after seventy years with a wonderful sweetheart and wife, but here I am, and a giant THANK YOU to you all.
It seems so inadequate just saying that, but we are spread all over the world, grief knows no barriers and I guess it’s now up to us all to help the newly bereaved and tell them they will survive, it’s almost a moral obligation.
My Love to you all

Apr 01, 2014
My One and Only Wish
by: Pat J.Green Bay,WI

Dear Alan,
What a wonderful thought. It would be awesome. Unfortunately, I don't think there would be a place large enough. A very nice thought anyway. We all can have a dream; can't we? We all have such stories to tell of our loved ones; I often feel like I know each one of them. I feel a closeness to each and everyone on this site, because of our individual journey of grief.

Apr 01, 2014
Judith, Doreen
by: Alan (Maine U.S.A.)

At work today I was thinking of this post and figured people would think I'm nuts, but it is how I feel.
Thanks you two for understanding!

Yes, Judith, I am on Facebook. If this is ok with the powers that be in here my name is:
Alan Demers, I live in Biddeford Maine.

Hope this works!

Mar 31, 2014
my wish
by: Albin AZ

Alan thank you for such a uplifting message if I could it would be my pleasure to have dinner with you and meet a man with so much love
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Mar 31, 2014
by: Anonymous--MI

Alan, it is my belief that we will certainly know and greet each other in heaven. Physical ties have not brought us together but certainly the emotional heartfelt ones have. We who believe in God and heaven will see each other there. God bless us all and may God give us peace.

Mar 31, 2014
Mine too.
by: Judith in California

Oh, Alan that sounds so nice. I have thought the same thing over these months on this site. It would be nice to have a great big ole group hug. We have had more support from friends we haven't met than from our own family or friends .

When I read your post I got such a peaceful feeling.

Are you on Facebook?

Mar 31, 2014
My one and only wish.
by: Doreen UK

Alan Now you are talking. The same language as me. I wish we could make this dream come true. If I wasn't living in the U.K. I would love to meet up with as many of the people on this site who we share our innermost thoughts and feelings with. WE have truly BONDED and we know the language of loss and grief. This is reason enough. Alan may Life treat you Good and Bless you immeasurably and that you get what you need and want in life, to help you through these worst days of grief and loss. May the Sun shine always above you and the Wind be at your back. Be Blessed Today, tomorrow, and For Ever. Best wishes. Doreen.

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