My only Brother Kev

by patys betty
(swansea uk)

I remember the day as if it was yesterday , the sun was shining the promise of a good weekend was on the cards,I was getting ready to do my second shift at work when my youngest son said that Kev was outside so I turned to expect to see my brother Kev but it was his oldest son Kev jr looking through the window , I could tell by the look onb his face that all wasnt well,reluctantely I opened the door to be greeted by a vision that has been etched in my memory forever, my niece and nephew were standing there with tears in their eyes I knew then that something had happened to my brother, I asked them in but didnt because I thought that if they didnt come in what ever news they had I wouldnt have to hear but in they came , what happened next can only be described as heart breaking soul destroying and fear, listening to the words of my brothers daughter didnt seem real as she told me that my one and only brother was dead, I stood there and repeated no it cant be but her answer was sadly yes he s gone , My whole world seemed to fall apart my youngest son James just stood there and watched his strong sometimes silly mum fall to pieces.My Brother Kev had done some volunterry work in Cambodia and as a result of this was offered a teachers job , teaching English to the little kids, he loved it out there and asked me if I would consider a new life for me and my sons, he was happy and so was I for him,but sadly the weather was bad out there and flooding was happening all over Cambodia, this night my brother and a few friends made sand bags to try and keep the local hotel from flooding, on this night he went for a drink in his local and on the way home the river that he had crossed was flooded and sadly he fell in, there was no one there to help him and due to his head injuries he drowned, my god I cant beleive hes gone tears are running down my face as I write this, his body was found a few hours later, he was cremated in Siem Reap the place he loved so much, he had full buddist funeral which is very diffrent to ours , to this day I cant look at the photos that were sent of his funeral I just cant bear it ,his ashes were sent home to his family before Christmas 2011 his Daughter has his ashes , she wont give them up for us to have a service and lay Kev to rest , I guess may be one day she will but its hard for the rest of us as we havent really said good bye to Kev yet, its been 8mths and it still hurts I cry every day I miss my brother so much never to see his smile or hear him laugh kills me, we planned to do so much together as we were both divorced but now thats just a memory, hopefully on his Anniversary we will have a Memorial service in his honour, were family and friends can go and pay their respects to a man who was my candle in the darkness but sadly that candle has gone out and I look for my brother in the darkness. Patsy Betty sister of Kevin

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