my only brother was taken from me when i was 16

by David

I never thought that my only brother would be taken from me so fast. I was 16 when he died in a car wreck and he was 18. I am now 22 years old and it finally hit me that hes not returning. I thought that it was a dream that I was going to wake up from for almost 6 years. in that time I went on like nothing has happened. now every time I see his picture or think about him or walk outside I want to cry. for 6 years my life was at a stand still. I still live with my mom. and every time I look out the window I want to see the dirtbike track that we built when we was kids. I still cant ride to this day because I think about him. he taught me almost evertything I know about riding. I remember the first time I ever rode a dirt bike. he taught me. he taught me right from wrong. he was more then a brother and a friend he was my father figure because it was just me him and my mom. theres days where I just want to break stuff and others I wanna go on with my life. for 16 years he has always been there no matter what. and now hes in heaven watching over me. and its hard to think about that when im used to seeing him every day. when im in a happy mood the first thing that wants to come out of my mouth is asking where my brother is. im forced to move on without him. that's what he would want. he always said that when he died to party on. but me im not the party time. but I will move on with my life just for him. the last words he ever said to me he shook my hand and said ill see you tomorrow. tomorrow never came.

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May 04, 2014
My only brother was taken from me when I was 16
by: Doreen UK

David you have lost a very significant person from your life. We don't know how to handle death and the loss of a precious sibling. Even taking one day at a time means that you will wake up and do it all over again trying to make sense of it all. Cling to your mother. Try and find a person who you can befriend and try and pour your life into him as your brother did for you. You will find great comfort in giving to someone else what your brother put into you. You can do this for as many young men as you are able to take into your life. You will become less lonely and you will honour the memory of your brother by passing on to other's what was given to you. This is just a thought. Tried and tested. It works. You won't just be moving on with your life. You will be making your life MEANINGFUL by pouring your life into someone else. It has rich rewards. We can't function well in isolation, and I guess this is how we all feel when we have lost someone close and precious from our lives. We don't know what to do with ourselves. We feel LOST. Insecure for a while. You are still young. We don't know how to grieve well. We can sometimes postpone grief because it is painful. It makes us feel bad. But crying is good grief and when you are all cried out you will start to heal in ways that will help you move forward better without even having to try. Sometimes I think we try too hard to move on because that is what is expected of us. It is no use me telling you to take ONE DAY AT A TIME. 6 yrs. have passed and you still feel the same way. Stuck in grief. It is the DOING. That will help all of us move forward better. You will find out what to DO with your life and this is the secret for one so young as you. Find a PURPOSE IN LIFE. Find out what your PURPOSE is in life. Then go and make it happen. You just need some encouragement to find your way back into life. BE HAPPY!. This is your heritage. I am sorry for your loss.

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