My partner of 10 years left me and i feel lost and completely alone

by Mayra

My partner and i met when i was 16 and gave myself to him completely an have not been with anyone else since. I have never cheated on him and have always been there for him, more then anyone has. He was my best friend, my everything. We talked about everything and we had a good relationship most of the time. I have forgiven him for all the things hes ever done to me. He wasn't the nicest bf when we were dating but i still stuck by his side. We have 2 children together, the oldest is 9 and i had him when i was 17 and the youngest is 3. I love my partner so much, more then anything. He left me for the craziest reason. He would tell me that he loves me more then anything and that he cant picture ever being separated from me, that he would go crazy if we were to ever separate. I thought he really loved me.
I was doing some cleaning last week and found my diary. A diary that i kept when i was a teenager. In that diary i found some old pictures and letters from an old bf, i dont even know if he was really a bf. He was a boy that i met when i was 15, when i took a trip to my home country. It wasn't serious we were just young and i had never had a bf before it was all innocent. It was a teenage romance, so it ment nothing to me. I don't know what became of him and i have not spoken to him since i was 16, shortly after that i met my partner. So i found the pics in my diary and i was going to throw them out along with the letters but i completely forgot. My partner found them and freaked out. He now thinks i'm cheating on him. I told him that those pictures are super old and that they were given to me when i was 15. The night he found the pictures he packed up and left, he wouldnt let me explain. He said that they must of ment something to me if i kept them this long. He is convinced that i cheated or that im cheating. I feel so alone. He does not believe me and says that i've hurt him. I'm going crazy and i dont know what to do. He doesn't want to listen to me and says our relationship is over. I have never given him a reason to think i was cheating. I gave this man my life, and he wants to throw it all away over some silly pictures. This separation is killing me i feel so sad.

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