My pathetic story

by Michael Maliff

My wife of 20 years left me 2years ago after I discovered she was having an affair with a guy at work. The pain was unbearable. The night of my discovery I attempted suicide by taking a handful of pills, cant remember right now what they were but when I woke up 2 days later in the hospital they told me I almost died. In the hospital my wife said we could stay together and that she loved me but upon my release she was gone 2 days later, she moved in with the other man.
The grief was almost more than i could take
I would sit on our bed sniffing a bottle of her perfume.
I would write her poetry that I never sent.
I would drive by her new home and cry.
One of the worst days was the first Christmas. I didnt want Christmas to come, I didnt want a tree. But when I drove psst my wife's new home with her boyfriend.they had a big fat tree in the front window. I lost it. Crying and sobbing like a fool.
Another great day was our anniversary when she drove past me on the back of his motorcycle.
I can say it does get better but I still miss her and I cry about 1 a week. I love you Maureen.

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Oct 20, 2014
Feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I also had the same thing happen to me after 20 years. I went into a deep depression. Within 2 years I lost my wife, best friend, dog, job, sold my half of the house and my family.
I still miss my family and wife and feel empty every day. Like you I was 60 years old. Good look finding someone with no baggage at our age.

Sep 28, 2014
My pathetic story
by: Doreen UK

Michael your story is all too familiar of a broken heart by infidelity of one's partner. It is not a pathetic story, but a reality of the pain one is left holding by the selfishness of another. We all have the freedom to leave our partner and go with another. But one who has wisdom will realize that to respect their partner they will be open and honest and state what is going on and why they are leaving. Not just take off.
My son is going through what you are facing right now and all I can do is give him a soft place to fall whilst he works things out with his wife who included her EX in their marriage as a 3 some because he is her long time friend and sees nothing wrong. She takes him on holiday as a 3 some and is full on with his emotional care. This is tearing my son apart and he has been sleeping in is car and at work. His wife refuses to put my son on the mortgage even though he is paying half she takes for bills. She refuses to put his name on the bills. Any man would have left. But they still love each other and he has now made an appt. for both of them to go to RELATE. This is the last chance. Last week he moved out and took all his clothes and his wife was devastated and went looking for him frantically calling everyone she knew to find him. She sat outside his work and waited for 5hours. He has gone back for the last time and is negotiating his needs in this marriage. If not met he will finally leave with his Integrity intact. It takes two to make a marriage work. This time my son will leave. I am glad he has now seen the light and come to this conclusion. No advice worked before, and when his father died 2yrs. ago he took off. Come back and I just give him the space he needs as I will not let him sleep in his car or at work. He can then make up his mind how to move on, if things don't work out.
You will feel hurt for some time. But it will get easier. You need to build yourself up emotionally and find the strength you have deep within to help you survive. Your wife Maureen will go through some things in life and realize too late whether her choice was the right one. Her good times may not last. FOCUS on you and how you can move forward and reclaim your life back and make your life meaningful. Don't waste valuable time on what can't be and make your life better. My son is now going to do this. He has come to his senses.

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