My perfect little lad

by Shirley Seddon
(Wigan, Lancs)

Bodie 1999-2012

Bodie 1999-2012

Bodie 1999-2012
R.I.P Bodie ('99-'12) & Bina ('99-'09)

Click on each photo to enlarge.
You were the 1st little dog that was allowed in our home, and you changed everything, you even softened my husbands heart, so much so that he wanted a little one of his own, and along came Bina.

You were my constant companion for 12 years, and 6 months, and I treasured every moment with you. But as time went by, and we then lost Bina in 2009, and we grieved for her loss, we also clung more together for support. Then in 2010 I noticed that you to began to cough, and the tell tail signs were all to clear - heart trouble !!! We went to the vets and it was confirmed, that you had an enlarged heart. You were put on medication for your heart, then more medication for your chest, then more medication for you heart (this one to open your arteries). Then last week (Tue 7th Feb 2012) I noticed that you had enlarged anal glands, and by Friday (when we were about to go to the vets) I noticed that your left 1 had gone, but your right 1 was hard. We then went to the vets only to be told that it was something they hadn't seen before, and you needed to have an operation, but the chances were very low of you coming out of it alive. So my only option was to have you put to sleep. They let me spend some time with you, then prepared you for the injection, then I cuddled you while you slipped away.

My life is empty, my heart aches so much for you, and it hurts so much I can't bare it. Your bed is empty, your food and water untouched. I look for you under my wheelchair, but you're not there. I listen for you, I wish for you to just grump at me to let me know you're there, but it's so silent I can't stand it.

You can, and will never, be replaced, you are “my perfect little lad”. You knew me so well, better than anyone else. You used to sleep in my bed with me, back to back with your head on my pillow, then you started to sleep under my bed, on your own bed with your frog hot water bottle, that was never filled. You continually followed me around the house, you even travelled on my lap when we went out. You would even grump at daddy when he came too close, but yet every night you wanted him to give you a fuss before we went to sleep. Now you sleep the long sleep with Bina, and you now both wait until we can all be together again, a wait that will never come soon enough....

Goodnight my little lad, my perfect little boy, my best friend, and constant companion. No matter what others think you will be missed, loved, and never forgotten, you are forever in my heart

All my love, my precious little boy
until we meet again

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