My Precious Baby Boy

by Judith
(Southern Ca)

Baby Bear

Baby Bear

Today I had to put down my precious at Baby Bear. It was a quality of life decision and so terribly hard to make. I thought about it for a week and last night cried my eyes out holding and telling him how very much I love him and letting him know I couldn't let him suffer anymore with his ear infection, upper respiratory virus and third eyelid condition. Plus he had hyperthyroid disease and alleriges that required a shot every month. He lost weight from a 11 pounds to 7 pounds.

We moved into our townhome thanksgivng 1999 and upn walking around saw a patch where 5 young cats were hanging out. My husband and I captured them, had them fixed and released them back in the complex. They would all come to our door for food. WE already had one kitty but she died on New years day in 2001. We waited 3 years and then I brought in the calico kitty and named her Callie of course. then as I walked her on leash, the black & whote kitty and the grey one followed us around and the black and white one would always look uo to me like he was in love. I would reach down and touch them and gained their trust. about 2 years later I brought in the Black and white one and shorty the grey one came looking for her brother and in she came. I named the black and white one Baby Bear and the grey one Tigger. And we lived happily with them as my comforts and me as their servant. Baby Bear would always sit on my husbands lap and he loved him. My husband became ill and could no longer tolerate Baby Bear sitting on his lap so he then began to sit on my lap and when my husband passed away he took over my lap completely any time I sat down. I love the comfort he gave and loved comforting him. He was there on me always. Two weeks ago he somehow got the third eyelid problem . That's when the eye is half covered over and he kept shaking his head and he had a cough from time to time with congestion. He was diagnosed with allergies about three months before and had to have shots once a month because he wouldn't eat the science diet. The Doc did blood work and fournd him to have hyperthyroidism and had to be put on Tapazole (transdermal) twice a day. Plus the eye drops 3 times a day and the antibiotic given twice a day orally. He became so weak and I looked for signs of weight gain and energy but he went and hid under the bed and I'd have to disturb him to give him meds. I noticed when I picked him up he felt as light as a feather. HE would lick at the food but turn away.The Doctor xrayed him to day and said he had a serious infection and could not smell the food to eat it and he agreed with my decision to let him go be with his daddy in heaven. It breaks my heart and I know I did evry hting I could . I'll so miss him on my lap and will always remember him looking so lovelingly at me . I'll miss being his mommy. He was such a love.

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Sep 21, 2012
Thank you
by: Judith in California

Thanks Anonymous and Sandy. It means a lot to me to know I have comforted you also. This is something that will never be easy for me. I do have two more kittys of the same age and now worry about them. I pray you Enough.

Sep 21, 2012
Baby Bear
by: Anonymous

Judith -

I am so sorry for the loss of your Baby Bear. It hurts so much to lose these precious creatures that give us unconditional love. Take peace in knowing that you gave Bear a loving home. I just want to say God Bless you for being such a kind person that has compassion for animals.

Debi M.

Sep 18, 2012
Truly Precious
by: Sandy

Dear Judith,
I'm sorry at the loss of you Baby Boy .Your love for cats is truly amazing. I could make out how beautiful was your relationship with your kitties. Yes it is true that these fur babies provide us immense love during their short life span. Your decision to put him down was right as it ended his suffering. I think you took this decision purely our of affection for him as you could not stand to see him suffer daily. You are a really caring pet parent. I have often come across your write ups consoling me and other grieving pet parents in this blog. May God bless you and give strength to bear the loss of your dear husband (may he R.I.P) and also your numerous kitties. Pl take care
PS. Till today not a single second /day of mine has gone without thinking of my POOCHIE cat whom I lost on 21st March 2012 to an acid attack. You had consoled me with many comforting words. Thank you.

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