My precious son

by F. Smith

My precious son, Scott (29 years old) was killed by a drunk driver one year ago on Dec. 7, 2009 at 1045 in the morning on his way to work. He was sitting at a red light and was hit by truck out of control by a drunk driver. That day has changed my life forever. I am going through the terrible journey of grief. Some days I don't think I want to survive but I do have 2 other sons. I miss him so much. It is said it will get better but I feel I am at a stopping point and cannot move on. My heart aches all the time. This Christmas season seems worse than last year because I was in a state of shock last year. I love you so much angel in heaven. Mom

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Sep 04, 2012
I lost my Scott also..
by: Patricia Standley

How strange, I also lost my son Scott, age 36 at the time, he also was sitting at a stop light, and a pickup hit him from behind at 60 mph, no good bye, didnt even get to see his face, they wouldnt allow me to because he was so messed up. I know the path you walk, I and so many others are walking right there beside you, dont ever feel alone, we are here with you and missing our children so much. it is so hard, but we will make it, we have to, we will see our children of 3 angels <3<3<3

Dec 24, 2010
One Lost Mom
by: Pamela

I lost my son march 14 2008 I think of him every day.Right now is hard for me because hes birthday is dec 19,1977. He was my only child i had him when i was 15. I got a call mar 13 at 11.00 at night that he had been shot and it was my brother that shot him. I just could not believe it had to drive 2 hour to get there i was 15 min late i die that night to.

My whole world change that night and my family world did to. My brother got 10 years in prison. I learn a lot about life in the last 2 1/2 years and how to forgive. I will never be the same again. But life go on and i will to. There is days that i still don't want to get up but i do and it has gotten better i have good days and bad days, I hope and pray that it well get better for you.I am so sorry for your loss.

Dec 16, 2010
Precious Sons
by: Anonymous

I lost my 36yr. old son to suicide on Sept 20, 2010. Since his death the Holidays have been very hard (Birthday days, Thanksgiving) now Christmas. Memories of the times we shared with him are very painful.I miss him so much.

I don't believe the pain and emptiness ever goes away, it's something we learn to deal with the rest of our lives. People who never lost a child will be the first to tell you it will get better or that he is a better place. Truth is I want him here with me and no, we will never be the same people we were before we lost our child.

I also have other children and I cherish them, but a part of my heart is missing, never to return. I pray God will give us strength and one day an answer to why us, why our kids. Praying for all of us.

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