My Pretty Princess Maya

by Billie-Jean

It was just over five years ago after an impulse trip to the local SPCA that I fell in love with the bright fiery green eyes staring up at me from a tiny bundle of fur that we named Maya. She was a precocious little kitten with a feisty spirit and a tendency for mischief.
While my little baby girl was an independent princess, she was starved for affection and loved to cuddle with a motor on her that often times lulled me to sleep. She was fiercely loyal, came when I called with a sweet little chirp and bright excited eyes.
Her personality was unlike any other cat I’ve ever owned, with the loyalty, the unconditional love most often times revered in dogs and the regal proud disposition of the Egyptian Mau.
On August 22nd we noticed that our proud little baby wasn’t feeling well, when she didn’t come when I called, and her usual perky demeanor was replaced with a lethargic, tired demeanor I’d never seen before.
Despite the vets’ best efforts, two days later Maya passed away in her sleep at only five years old because of kidney failure.
I’m crushed with guilt that I didn’t notice her deterioration sooner.
I’m devastated that I was not able to properly say goodbye as the vet had me feeling optimistic that it was something that could easily be cured. I wish that I had kept her home so that she could of passed away with the people who loved her, instead of alone at the vet hospital.
I wish I could hold her and hear her purr again and I hope that she knows I loved her so much. She was a loyal friend that listened to my secrets. I did not realize how important she had become to me, or how she had become such an imperative fixture in my life until she was gone.
I cannot believe how crushing her loss is.
I’m grateful that she went peacefully and did not suffer, and I know she’s in a better place, but I miss her so much it hurts.
I hope she knew how much joy she brought to my life.

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Sep 02, 2012
MAYA- Truly a Princess
by: Sandy

It was indeed sad to read about Maya . While reading the write up about her loss I felt that you are going through the same emotions which I felt on losing my pet Kitty POOCHIE on 21st March 2012 (read Blog - Like a Flash of Lightning She came into my Life... in Pet Loss).In spite of 5 months of her passing away there is not a single second when I have not thought of her.I'm still a loss ,always grieving. Our fur babies give us unconditional love to us during their short life span. We are unable to come to terms with their passing away. Maya was truly Princess with her royal looks. It was nice to know about your affection towards each other.Think about the nice times you spent together. If possible once again bring home a homeless / orphaned Kitty and give the same love and affection to it.
Your Maya must be now purring in the Rainbow bridge (where every pet diseased and maimed are healed and are hale and in pink of health)and must have met my Poochie and now playing together with other friends. Take care.

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