My prince Albert passed away

by Natalia
(Pointe - claire)

Hi, my name is Nat
My boyfriend bought me a hamster 4 weeks ago
I was really happy to get him I named him Albert.
I love animals I knew I was going to get attached but I was okay with it, I feel in love with him I felt as he was one of my best friends I wanted him to sleep on my hand and trust me.

Within time we were great friends, I hold him often fed him let him run around he was so happy. I'm 24 when I got him which I feel stupid I did not educate myself about these animals
the next day after I got him, he started having a crusty eye I cleaned it hoping it would go away
it did go away I check for wet tail he did not have it.

Until one day I picked him up and something told me to look at his bum, and I knew he had gotten wet tail which I heard about it that u need medication and it's serious.

The same day ran to the vet but she said u have to go far because they don't deal with hamsters some don't.

Albert couldn't wait, it was too far he needed it immediately I couldn't wait. I went for medication I got it but when I ran home he died.
my Albert didn't make it he was half dead. I don't know, my boyfriend had to get him out of his suffering. I didn't know I'm so mixed up I could have saved him. Did I kill him, is it my fault. I blame myself, it's all my fault he's dead I could have saved him.

But I didn't or I couldn't; I miss my baby Albert so much, I miss him so much again, he was a baby I don't know if the guy I got him from didn't. clean his cage but I did I don't know.
That is my story rip Albert.

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Oct 21, 2010
here's a hug for you, Natalia!
by: Sharyl (CA)

Natalia, your story broke my heart so now I'm trying to type with tears running down my face. I'm so sorry for your loss of Albert. I've never owned a hamster but I do have 2 rescued guinea pigs and they are the coolest little creatures. I'm a cat person and never expected to love a rodent but Spotnik and Cheeka taught me how!

Now I want you to listen to me: it is NOT your fault, you did NOT kill Albert and you shouldn't tarnish his memory by blaming yourself!! You were a good "Mom" and sought medical attention as soon as you realized there was a problem. That's what responsible pet owners do .... unfortunately sometimes things don't always work out the way we want and our hearts get broken. I have no doubt that Albert relished every moment with you and appreciated the wonderful home you gave him !!!

Promise me you'll free yourself of any blame and remember Albert with pleasant, happy thoughts!
Much love to you,
"mom" to:
Mouse, Beotchy, Turd and Cinco the Stinko (cats)
Spotnik and Cheeka (guinea pigs)

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