My Princess Poppy Popstar

by Nichola

Poppy was born on the 7th January 2013 ... and she died on the 2nd June 2013. She was 6 months old when she was killed. Poppy was a Rudy King Charles Cavalier ... best best natured dog. She loved children so much when we were in the park. We were both Capricorns and she was born on 7th Jan 2013.

I cant believe she was taken from us in such a cruel way. She was hit by a car while out for a walk with her dad ... I got the phone call from my boyfriend saying she had gone missing in the park. I ran as fast as I could out of the gates to where we live but it was too late, she was dead on impact. Her little head was hanging low and I could see her skull smashed in and the blood. She was so beautiful and shiny and a cheeky little baby. I really don’t know if I can get through this. The pain is so much, she was literally our world our princess Poppy Popstar! We don’t have children, she was our daughter our little ray of sun when the clouds were grey and she always gave me kisses every single day! Im beside myself and cant see it lifting. We are holding a memorial for her in the park which she loved this weekend but im not sure I can go there as the place she died is there. Is it all too soon? Should I keep the ashes? I really cant stand this anymore. She died and so did my heart.

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Oct 16, 2013
Sending best wishes for your heart's healing
by: Laurie

Dear Nicola.
I am sorry for your loss of your beloved Poppy. It is moving to hear just how deeply you cared for her and what delight you took in sharing your home with her.

Jun 07, 2013
My Princess Poppy Popstar
by: Doreen U.K.

Nichola I am sorry for your loss of your beloved dog Poppy. I can understand your pain. I have loved and lost pets and can't do this again. Since I have lost my husband to cancer 13 months ago my daughter wants a dog or cat. I can't do this yet my grief is too painful.
The pain of losing a pet is different but nevertheless a deeply painful loss. At this moment you will feel that you will never get over it, but you will. I have buried pets and cried and time has healed my loss but I can never forget the pets I have loved and lost. They will be with me forever. Don't get rid of the ashes or make any decision that you may regret later. Often in grief we make decisions too soon. I have made some that were O.K. and many I regret making too soon. I wish I had waited to make some decisions. Just take your time and give space to your grief. it does get better IN TIME.

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