my sexy baby girl

by jan arnold

sasha is a staffy she was thirteen years old i thought she would live for ever but sadly that wosnt to be she was always very fit and healthy but she started to get a cough thought nothing of it till she seemed to be chocking so i took her to a pdsa surgery who said it can be something to with her heart so they gave me heart tablets she seemed to be doing fine with them i had my baby girl back she loved her walks and her food then she seemed to get slower when we went for her walk so i took her back to the vets they done a scan she had an enlarged heart with a bit of fluid round it and a massive tumor in her stomach they said tumor ws to big to operate and she had about three months left this was 2 weeks before Christmas took her for a check up xmas eve they said she was doing good she still had a good appetite then just after xmas she lost her appetite and her bowels were loose she coudnt hardly walk and she would let me know by looking to the couch and me so i knew she wanted to be up i used to dread getting up on a morning but my baby always wagged her tail for me but i knew time was running out for my baby i coudnt make the decision to put het to sleep she was my baby and i didn't want to loose her so i phoned the vets sobbing saying i know its time but i cant make the decision to put her to sleep the lady on the other end of the phone was lovely and said i could go through that afternoon and gave me a double appointment when we got there and other people were waiting they turn i could see there pets fit and healthy it upset me a lot when it was my turn bless sasha she must have known she wouldn't get up to go in the room the vet said the tumor had grown and she was full of fluid in her stomach so he made the decision for me i held her when the needle went in and my baby died in my arms which im glad that's the way i wanted her to go and ner to know how much i loved her she wosnt just a pet she was my best friend i loved her so much it was like losing a daughter i decided to have her cremated and her ashes in a teak box but that would take a week coming down stairs the next morning it hit me that i woudnt ever going to see her again and i just wanted her ashes home with me now there home i know she is with me always i speak to her ashes every morning which as helped me a lot but god i would love my baby to be here for real i did have the guilt feeling that i put her to sleep then i think i loved her so much and didnt want her to suffer no more i will always rember the fun and love we had for each other if i have made spelling mistakes i am sorry ime crying my eyes out writing this

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Jan 16, 2013
I understand
by: SoSadDad

Jan, my wife and I have lost both of our daughters to tragedy, and nothing can compare to it. Yet I understand your feelings, too. I have had to have a pet put down, and it was perhaps the most difficult thing I've ever done. We have a pet now, Zoie, and she is like a child to us. We dread the day she will leave us. I am very sorry for you, and pray that your memories will be vivid and happy.

God bless you,


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