My Sister Marie

by Kathleen (Turner) Mchugh
( Chicago, and Hazard, KY.)

My sister Marie and I sometime's wore the same clothe's and dressed alike , When we were young we worked as carhop's together, I would get mad and upset at her sometime's because the customer's would think I was her when she did something wrong I got blamed for it and she thought it was funny to go ahead and let her customer's think I was her. We both thought it was funny, We got married and had our children I stayed in Chi.IL. she moved back home to Ky bought a small resturant and worked most of the time, then she brought a antique and used junk store up from nothing and made a good living for her and her husband in the year of 97 she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She had surgery and they couldnt remove all of the tumor, The Dr's told us she had 18 month's to live after one year she had the second surgery for brain cancer she lived almost a year after the last surgery in the late summer of 98, In the spring of 99, My husband and I left our home and went to stay with our sister's and brother at the home of our sister Jessie and her husband where Sister Marie would stay where we could all be together the was seven of us took care of her made sure she had the best we prayed sang to her and lovingly held her She went to Heaven in Oct. 99 I still miss her as the rest of the family doe's another five years passed and we lost another sister she had many health problem's cause from neglecting her self, My brother went to visit her and found her dead in bed We have lost so many family member's It cause's us a lot of sadness and heartache We are Christians and believe we will all be together someday , We used to have family gettogether's in the Perry County Park in Hazard,KY. since our sister's are gone we don't get together so much anymore, When we were all together Marie wanted all of us to sing the song I want us to be together in Heaven That's what we all want

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Dec 15, 2012
My Sister Marie
by: Doreen U.K.

Kathleen I don't mean to mininmise your loss's and how you feel. I am expanding my support to you. LONLINESS. is the worst problem we are going to face now we have lost loved ones from our life. I feel the same way as you do. The lonliness we feel now is almost a burden too much to bear. I always dreaded this day and it has come sooner than I thought. Nothing ever in life now will make a difference to what we have lost. It is an advantage being a Christian. I have been a Christian all my life and learned much from all my trials and tribulations. But DEATH. This is a whole NEW TRIAL that is a great burden to bear in life. When we start to lose our family structure as we have known this will leave us empty and make life feel meaningless for a long time. God created us for companionship and Love and God put the family in place so God must know how we will now feel after our many loss's in life. We have to dwell on the earth so we need people in our lives. We cannot survive in isolation otherwise we lose part of ourselves and the person we were meant to be. Some people love being on their own and love quietness and solitude. My youngest daughter is one of these. She doesn't take after me. I am the complete opposite. For a 64yr. old person I am a pensioner with a difference. I LIKE NOISE. Whether is fireworks outside or the traffic. I have to feel there is life outside otherwise I feel as if I am not ALIVE. Since I lost my husband of 44yrs. 7 months ago I spend much of my days on my own. I don't like it. I only feel half alive. I don't know how to change things. I am housebound at the moment due to health problems. My only comfort is the TV. and the computer. But being on this site and supporting others is what makes me feel ALIVE and keeps me going. Kathleen I wish I could say to you come round for tea/coffee I would love to offer you friendship. This would make a difference in your life to start with and to be able to build on this. You probably live in America. I live in England. Perhaps we may have to reach out in this area and create our new family structure made up from friends gathered in life now we feel so Lonely. Write back and let me know how you are doing. I CARE. My email is if you need friendship.

Dec 14, 2012
Thank you
by: Kathleen

Thank you for the encouraging word's, I tell myself these thing's and I still have a rough time living with out my loved one's I know that's life and Im no different or better than anyone else It just hurt's so much and I am so lonely most of the time Thank you

Nov 20, 2012
My Sister Maria
by: Doreen U.K.

Kathleen I am sorry for your loss. You say that you have lost a lot of members of your family and you have also lost all the family gatherings. This is the hardest part of life now. Living a meagre life and not having the quality of life we hoped for. This is a heavy burden and heartache to bear in life as every day is lonlier missing the large gatherings. It is the same for us and many other families.
Because you are a Christian you will see your loved ones again and we will have the life we were meant to have before sin entered our world and changed things. Making Death and Grief so very painfull. We still have to dwell on the earth and so need to have relationships that are fulfilling and help us enjoy life and be happy.

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