My Sister Patty

I thought that I was alone in this, or the only one.
9 years ago by this time I got phone call from mom that my sister was under intense care in a hospital.
My sister lived overseas so it was very long painful plane flight.
When I got there. Well you needed to wear special clothes, because she was dealing with an internal infection.
Later on I found that she had an abortion. Because abortion was illegal in my native country she might went to some one else place without the proper infection controls.

I always feeling guilty, because month before she went to the hospital; she asked me to send some money. I did not send antyhing, because I thought she would use to going to parties.
When finally I sent the money her pregnancy was too advance.

If I knew that she was pregnant I could take the baby or who knows. I could save her.
I was upset and still upset with some relatives who judge her for doing an abortion. She was 24 years old, and she was my only sister. My best friend.

Now after 9 years I am still wondering at times why she needed to go.
She was on the bed looking at me telling that she was going to died.
I did not believe. Some days she was getting better others no so much.

My blood did not work for her when I need to donate some blood to her.
We neede to go to a army base to find some donors.

Five army soldier donated their blood. But did not help so much,

The doctor who was taking care my sister was very rude with my mom, becuase the abortion.
I was going to make to remove her, and find another doctor, but my family did not let me,

My sister only want to see me and my mom while she was in the hospital.
She never wanted to see my dad.

I had to going back to USA for some final classes, and since she was getting better according with the hospital I decided to leave.

When I arrive to California my aunt called me that my sister had died of heart attack.

If I would no need to leave she migh still here?

The auptosy showed that infection reached to her heart,

Sorry it this was long. 9 years and still hurts.

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Mar 27, 2013
My Sister Patty
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for the loss of your sister Patty at such a young age.
My best advice to you is to try in USA to get some counselling so that you can move forward better with your grief and that you will not feel so guilty.
I know counselling is expensive but if you can afford some sessions this all you may need. 9 years is a long time to still feel the raw pain of your grief. Something should have moved forward for you.
Your sister made a CHOICE to do this. You should not feel guilty. We can't live in the skin of our family. WE can only support them in a limited way otherwise it would be seen as you controlling your sister and taking away her dignity and choice.
I am having to go now as my father is dying and I have to make a long journey to see him, but I wish you Peace in your heart and the comfort of God and the support of family and friends to help you to move forward.

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