My Sister was 38 when she was shot and killed

In 1989 my sister Marji was living with me and my son. I drove her crazy because she thrived on chaos while I preferred things peaceful and quiet. She loved to go, go, go and I would rather sit and read a book. Though we were very different she was my inspiration, my idol, my mother, my mentor, my sister, and most importantly my best friend.
I still see her face in my mind that morning on August 14, 1989. I opened her bedroom door to tell her to get up, I was leaving for work. She popped up her head to look at me then planted her face back in the pillow. That was the last time I saw her alive.
For no apparent reason while robbing the bank she worked for the robber shot her. It was not an accident as he later claimed, he had no remorse for what he had done. His only pity was for himself, that he had been caught and could not spend the money he took.
I am told that time heals all pain and I admit it isn't as big a hole in my insides as there once was. But I don't believe a person ever gets over the loss of a sister. I miss her every single day and will continue to miss her till the day I die.

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Feb 13, 2013
My dear sister
by: Sally

I lost my mother when i was 10, lost my dad @26 n 2 years later my dear sister, friend and the only sister among 8 others whom i would laugh, gossip about anything, spend the longest hours on the phone with and the only sister i missed everyday. There is no day passes without her memory, i often blame God for taking her away @ only 38, i miss her, miss her alot and will miss her til d last day of my life. RIP sweet sis

Feb 04, 2013
by: Kate

A sister is so special,I lost my sister who was to me also,my friend,mother,my closest and dearest sis.she died Dec. 13 this I miss her! I know you do as well. I have had many losses ,my son 3 weeks before her. I am lost. Love to you,we are all trying to go forward in our pain.

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