My son Anthony dipietro 47 years old

by Carol dipietro
(Woodbridge,new jersey usa)

Tony dipietro

Tony dipietro

I just can't believe my son is gone, he had a son 18 years old, we did not talk for 2 years ,his wife wanted him all to her self of course he lived with her so he gave up his family now I feel there was no closure I do cry & I wish I could talk to him one more time & tell him how much I love him ,after all he lived with my husband & me with his son for 14 years we did every thing for them ,then he married & moved ,he was only married 3 years he told my grandson he wasn't happy & was waiting
For my grandson to graduate & he was leaving ,but 3 months before his death they bought a house
I don't know why, he was killed in a motorcycle accident attractor trailer hit him & he died at the sight
I never had a chance to say I love you but I ask god to forgive me & help me go on , I wish it was me he is to young to die I can't wait to see him again

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Jul 29, 2016
My dear husband
by: Anonymous

I just lost my husband July 28 at 247 I I am heart broken
I know his son was there with open arms to greet him
I am happy he will never be in Palm any more
But we were married 52 years& I just lost my best friend
I know one day we will be togather again so until we meet again I will always have him & Tony in my heart
May you both rest in place love mom & carol

Jun 05, 2016
My son
by: mom

Well it's June 5 th 2016 & I am still sad from losing my son ,
I don't sit & dwell about what happened because his father has cancer & I have been busy with him sometimes he wants to be with his son so I don't want to lose him yet I know he will be joining him soon then I will be strong as it is in God hands & I have to accept his wishes its life that goes on
Every one dies I know I can't keep him & if he has to go I want my son to greet him with open arms & I would be happy to know his father ls with his son for eternity I love them both
& one day we will all be together
Loving mom

Mar 31, 2016
It's Easter
by: Carol (Mom)

Well it's Easter 2016, this year I have been very busy taking my husband Tony,s Dad back & forth to the cancer hospital as he has cancer in his lung & other places I think of Tony all the time I ask him to watch over his father I don't want to lose him yet, but I don't want him to suffer with pain I have had no time to be sad I am married 52 years & I don't know if I want to go on with out him , I pray to God to help me through this I know
I have no say but I hope he can give me a sign & show me the way My husband sometimes say,s he wants to be with his son , I hope it's not soon I love him & don't want to share him with god ps. I love & miss you Tony

Mar 27, 2016
by: uncle joey

Dear Tony, know that we all miss you this Easter and forever until that day that we will all rejoice in seeing one another again. May God bless you and keep you in his graces until that time. love,uncle joey.

Mar 22, 2016
Your Son Tony D
by: Duane USS Guam

I am so sorry for your loss Carol. Tony and I were close friends on the USS Guam for three years of my life. He always brought a smile to anyone's fave that he spoke with. We called him Zukie. We were all hoping to have a reunion someday but that was cut short on the news of his death. Just know he always spoke highly of you. I did have the pleasure of meeting you when we were stationed in Philadelphia shipyard. I could tell how close he was to his family.

Feb 10, 2015
My son
by: Mom

Well it's 2 years & I still miss him every one say it get better as time goes by well the only thing is I keep thinking I will see him again when I die , I have been so sick & if I die now I don't care because I will be with him His son gave up our whole family he wants nothing to do with us I hope one day he will know that just because we lost our sone ,his father , that we did love him a mothers love will never fade away so till I see him again my love will always be in my heart for him love mom

Apr 18, 2014
Still missing my son
by: Mom

It's been 7months & it feels like it just happened I think about him every day I know now I will never see him again I have him in my heart , I keep telling my self he died riding his motorcycle & that's what he loved to do I will be with him one day & hopefully he will be there with open arms & tell me he loves me & his dad ,I know he is with me at times & I tell him I loved him forever I am his mom & miss him always
Love you tony

Dec 15, 2013
My son
by: Mother carol

My son Anthony dipietro went to The Lord sept. 11 ,2013
I still can't believe he is gone I have turned to god , I keep asking why , but I guess I will find out when I join him it seems that the more I talk to god the better I feel I know life goes on but I think that all I want is a hug & a kiss from him ,
I think about him every day I will be happy when The Lord takes me I will be glad to see my son now I must try to get through the Christmas & new year holiday I listen to Joel osteen a lot he helps me go on , I am sure it doe sent get better but I do it for my family I loved him so much ,god take care of him till I get there love your mom & dad , sister ,brother & family & every one of your friends

Oct 14, 2013
For mike
by: Carol

I am so sorry for your loss. Mike ,my days are always filled with sadness ,it is so hard to know your loved one ( my son )
Your son & many more are not & will not be comming home
I have to believe they are in a better place , I hope some day
I wll be with my loved ones I am still taking one day at a time
It is so hard , I still can't believe it, please god help me to understand why
Loving mom

Oct 14, 2013
I feel your loss
by: Mike

I feel your loss.
My son was 32 when he passed away just July 2013
Its almost impossible at times to actually believe i will never be able to see or speak to him again.
It leaves such a deep loss and void in our lives.
I'm told it eases slightly with time.Just had another long restless night thinking about him.
As a parent I would imagine we feel the same kind of pain, guilt, loss.Lets all hope that there is some light at the end of the tunnel so to speak and one day we can smile again.
I wish you well.

From A Dad

Oct 11, 2013
Thank you Sharon
by: Carol

Every one tells me it's going to get better & I have to take one day at a time, if you lost a child it never gets better my child was 47 years old but I gave birth to him & will be his mom till I die I feel like I lost a part of me I only hope he is ok ,I know there is a god & one day I will be with him it is one month &
I still wish I could hug him & kiss him All I do is cry , does it ever stop ? My heart goes out to any one who lost a loved one, even when I sleep I dream of him I toss & turn all night long my heart is breaking for my son,

Oct 09, 2013
Sending love and prayers
by: Sharon

I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I hear the pain in your words and know very well that horrible feeling of the finality of death and that never again on this earth will we see our son again. My son Rodney who was 47 years old died 2 years ago and sometimes the pain I feel is as strong, if not more so, than the day I watched him die. I feel for you my dear and will be praying much for you. God is the only One who can truly comfort you. Love, Sharon

Oct 05, 2013
My son Anthony dipietro 47 years old
by: Doreen UK

Carol I am sorry for your loss of your son. Even if you did not get to tell your son that you loved him He knew it by your actions. You say that he lived with your for 14yrs. He left because of having a wife and you didn't speak to each other for 2yrs. which is where you are finding the greatest hurt. Families don't speak and then they come together and then may separate again. All part of life and a changing world. I lost my son when he took a wife. I also lost my husband of 44yrs. 17 months ago to cancer. I didn't say Good-bye. I was waiting for a miracle of healing that didn't come. but I don't feel any guilt for not saying good-bye. I have a Faith in God and believe I will see my husband again. So My feelings are towards my husband. "See you in the morning." I am waiting patiently for this reunion. Who knows why accidents happen and claim the lives of our loved ones? Every day we live with danger and illness that could claim our lives. But we are not to dwell on what may happen otherwise it would rob us of the joy of living in that moment. Grief takes longer to recover from. Take one day at a time. I guess you may be wondering how your son was so unhappy that he wanted to leave but death interrupted this. Often as mother's we want to rescue our children and still be there for them even if they be married and however old they are. It took me a long time to establish boundaries and be happy for my son and his new life despite what happens and to respect his choice even if I am not part of his world. It is hard I know. Grief throws up these issues. But we can find a way out in time as we recover from our grief to be happy again despite the circumstances that we can't change. Try and be comfortable within yourself so you can forgive yourself for your shortcomings as part of being human.

Oct 04, 2013
always remember the good
by: joey

i hear you my sister and this is where our faith comes in and helps us thru this most difficult and trying time of our life. Rather than dwelling on what could have been the last 2 years,you should be thinking of the 14 years he came back home to live there and the good times that you all had growing up. Remember the trick or treating trips you and eileen and all the kids went on,the land of make believe,the back yard pool parties,the trips to the beach and so on.You have tons of great memories and videos and pictures of your happy times together.If you believe like me then know that someday we will all be united again.You need no forgiveness from God because he knows where you are at in your life and he is there for you.BELIEVE.We all miss and love Tony very much.Love,joey

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