My Son Curtis died September 29th, 2012

by Stephanie

I just lost my 25 year old son Curtis 6 days ago on September 29th, 2012. We just had his funeral yesterday. I am still in shock and disbelief. He went to bed not feeling well on Saturday and on Sunday he never woke up. I lived alone with him and found him in his room. We don't know why he died. They performed an autopsy, but we won't know anything for 6-8 weeks. My son suffered so much the last 7 years. He had a drug addiction and also had severe anxiety and depression. When he died he was 40 days clean. He thought no one liked him and he felt he never fit in. He had such a kind and caring heart. He was always so sweet and kind to people. He hurt so much inside. He was just such a fragile, loving, young man. The only comfort I have is knowing that he is in Heaven and at complete peace.

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May 15, 2013
i feel your pain
by: Anonymous

On December 3rd 2006 we lost our wonderfull son Gabriel, he was my pride and joy, he always made me laugh. when he died part of me died also i don't know how we were able to get this far only by the grace of God, we can move around but it is not the same without him. nothing makes sense anymore. we miss him so much. our hearts are with you.

Oct 26, 2012
i know yr pain
by: Cyndi

i too just lost my daughter Leslie on sept 22 2012. she left behind 3 children and a navy husband. she went to bed Friday night and never woke up. my life as i knew it is gone. i am not functioning at all. i feel like the breathe was taken out of me. it hurts to breathe. my heart aches beyond belief. i feel so numb and lost. god bless you and yr family

Oct 20, 2012
I have also just lost my son on 27th Sept
by: Anonymous

Mark was on the phone to me & his youngest brother on a video call...he was chatting away..then suddenly he stopped & the phone fell so we could see his ceiling..we rushed to his place in a police to break was no good..he died..we still don't have the cause of death..Mark was kind and caring and beautiful inside and out..he had lots of pain and he struggled due to aspergers/ADHD..he was sensitive and caring and loved his brothers so much..this shock it too much..I am crippled with this pain and don't know how i can carry on....

Oct 11, 2012
I am deeply sorry and I know the pain...
by: Anonymous

A Tapestry to Touch
It was breathtakingly gorgeous.
The gold stitching,
bright colors and intricately delicate patterns
were a feast for His eyes;
my Father’s eyes.

Dotted here and there were brilliant gems -
placed at such times of deep distress and sorrow in my life,but the tapestry was not finished.

There was much left to be done and more beauty to be woven in, so why was God wrapping
it around Himself and sobbing into its soft folds?

My heart knew the answer.
God and I share the same grief.

Because . . .
We both lost a son.
Mine to suicide; His to a cross and only
His makes a difference for your life and mine.

Oct 09, 2012
by: Jean

My son killed himself and I know the pain you are going thru. May God comfort you and make His Presence felt by you. He has forgiven all as He died on the cross for all the sin anyone has ever committed. If I didn't believe that I coldn't go on. I pray your pain will lessen soon but the emptiness his passing has left you with will remain until you meet him again in God's heaven. Bless you, my dear friend.

Oct 07, 2012
My son Curtis died September 29th, 2012
by: Wondra

I am so sorry for the pain and grief you are feeing at the lost of your kind, wonderful, loving son. I too lost my son on September 29th and to this day it still hurts. To this day, i have not opened the envelope that contains his death certificate. Take comfort in knowing that your son will be among those who will greet you in heaven. May God continue to comfort you and give you peace..

Oct 07, 2012
my son died sept. 23 2012
by: chism's mom

Our pain runs deep. There are no words. I have a hard time with people wanting my attention and sympathy. You know friends, family. I feel like screaming at them and saying time out, i dont have the energy to make others feel better. He was my baby at 23. I had to stand for hours under a tree outside his rental, until the coroner would let me see him, they put my boy in a gurney, wheeled him out in front of the neighbor hood, for every one to stare while i had to whip the vomit and blood off his handsom face. Im so angry, so i know your pain, your mixed bag of emotions. My son was an artist, didnt have a judgemental bone in his body, would tell every one that he loved them and he loved jesus, but some one introduced him to methadone on his senior school trip,
He had o.d.'d 5 times before, each time he was clinicaly dead, each time GOD let me have him, but not this time GOD said no more, his torment is over, my baby had his salvation now he has peace. I know your pain, cry, scream, but most of all still tell him you love him, he can still hear you.

Oct 07, 2012
so sorry
by: Cathy

Hi Stephanie i have no words to comfort you and you must be in shock i know how awful it is, my son collapsed right in front of my eyes and never woke up for months the scene would come in front of my eyes and there would be unbearable pain even now when i close my eyes i can see the scene but the pain has become a little less give yourself some time talk about it as often as you feel with your close friends or family. I do hope you have someone who is ready to listen to your heartache. God bless you .

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