I remember the wee hours of the morning at 3am,when MY BROTHER-IN-law came pounding down my door. On opening the door he came in and told me he needed me to go with him to the police station.. I ask him why. at 3 am in the morning, if something was wrong AND IF ANYTHING HAD HAPPENED TO A MEMBER OF THE FAMILY,. He told me no, everything is ok. SO I WANTED TO CHANGE MY CLOTHES,, HE said no dont change, because the cops was looking for him, and he wanted me to bail him out AND HE HAD TO GO TO THE PRECINCT IMMEDIATELY , he had the money and I am the only person who would be able to help him. Actually his claim was that, the cops wanted to arrest him for a stolen vehicle. He owns a tow trucK company. I didnt believe him but I still went with him. What concerned me was that my mum and dad lives 15 mins from him and I about 20. And my dad would have gone with him. Anyway on my way out of my house, once I got into his van, he locked the door so I wouldnt get out, I ask him what is going on, he said to me, you know there are times when the people you love have to lie to you, and after this morning he wants me to forgive him, for all he is doing HE is trying to protect me. I was scared, but don"t know of what or why.and my brother-in-law Lazaro was driving pretty slow. We were about 7 mins away from my home and 7 mins away from mum, then he said you know what, I"M going to stop by mum to see if papi, (my dad) would go also. I asked him why, OH JUST IN CASE YOU CANT HANDLE THE COPS. BEFORE we reached my mums house he stopped the van, and said Im sorry to lock you in the van. I love you and you have to forgive me before we go any further... at that time I wanted to come out the van and run...ANYWAY HE CONTINUED TO MUMS HOUSE, it was then I saw all my family MEMBERS cars were there. I REMEMBER I COULDN'T FEEL ANYTHING IN MY BODY, FEAR WAS CRIPPLING ME RIGHT ABOUT THEN, I WANTED TO RUN AND NEVER STOP. WHEN HE OPENED THE DOOR I TOOK OFF IN THE ROAD, I DIDNT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. But I started running, when I was taken to my mums house again, on entering I saw several members of my family waiting to greet me, my dad his back was facing me, my cousin he was on the landing greeting me, his mum,my aunt was on the top of the stairs , and my sister was just a little bit behind the wall, I shouted out, where is my uncle is he dead, no was the reply, i screamed, where is mum, is she ok, they said nothing, then she came out from her room, two weeks prior,she had a knee replacement, and she said I'm ok and she said I"m so sorry. Then I started to bawl not cry, bawl. I ASK WHICH ONE OF MY SONS IS DEAD, TELL ME, NO ONE ANSWERED.I SHOUTED OUT '''''GINO, GINO,,, WHY MY BABY"""". I LITERALLY kNEW , IT IS AMAZING. THEY ALL WHERE THERE SINCE 12am and no one wanted to come and tell me, they were all afraid, to come and bring the news, actually he was murdered at 11.45 pm on the 4th april. and it took them 3 hrs to tell me.. MY SON WAS SHOT IN HIS HEART AND ONE SHOT TO THE FACE, HE DIED INSTANTLY, . AS OF THIS DAY HIS MURDER WENT UNSOLVED. HE LEFT THREE SONS AND A WIFE. I WANTED TO DIE. But his death turned the very meaning of life around, for I FOUND A LIFE THAT HE RECEIVED IN HEAVEN HERE ON EARTH UNTIL I MEET HIM AGAIN.AND I LOVE HIM, AND MISS HIM, BUT I SURRENDERED MY LIFE TO A GOD THAT GIVES ME STREGHT AND IN ALL THINGS HE IS MY EVERYTHING. SO TODAY I CELEBRATE HIS BIRTHDAY, THIS 28TH DAY OF JUNE 1981 WITH LOVE AND JOY AND FOND MEMORIES. KNOWING THAT WHEN MY TIME COMES, JUST LIKE HIM, WE WILL MEET AGAIN.I LOVE MY SON.HE IS MY ANGEL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN.


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Jun 29, 2013
My Son has gone on, He is the Reason I live
by: Doreen U.K.

Nerris I am sorry for your loss of your son to such a brutal death. A cruelty that has affected so many people into grief.
I am happy for you to have found Strength and Hope in God. This is all we have since God is our Creator and sustainer in Life. Our Saviour, Redeemer, and we have the assurance of eternal life so YES! You will see your son again. My sadness is for the wife and 3 sons he has left who will now have to struggle with this loss and difficulty in such a harsh life. Sons need their father and I hope there is another male in your family who can Mentor those boys like a father would so that they will develop and sustain the nurturing they will need for a long time. I feel so very sad when children or young adults have to face grief. Somehow us older ones have developed a maturity and wisdom that will help us get through our grief. But the children/young adults are the one's who have not fully developed, and will struggle.
I did Prison Ministry and whilst I enjoyed this fulfilling work I still struggle with feelings of the families who have lost a loved one to homicide and how they cope and struggle. versus how to support the perpetrators of homicide whilst also trying to be impartial, and understand the needs and loss of those people like yourself, daughter-in-law, and your 3 grandsons. I hope that God will Comfort and strengthen you all in your loss and grief and Heal you from this tragic homicide.

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