My Son Johnny Lost Due to Vaccine

by Monique Bloem
(South Africa)

My Son was born 05/04/2014 he was a Prem baby born at 35 weeks weight was 1.415Kgs I named Him Johnny Micah Mc Goni he was named after his Father Johnny. I was so excited to Finally meet my baby he was so sweet and so innocent we were in hospital for almost a month i had to do kangaroo to help him gain weight and to grow well.Finally we got discharged from hospital on the 27th April 2014 and could go home to daddy and the rest of the family everyone was so excited to meet the little man and wow he too was excited he could frown and look at his sister and brother when they talked to him as if he could understand what was been said to him he even used to smile allot. Well then came the day i had to take my angel for his 1st vaccine at 6weeks this was the 19th May 2014 he got 3 shots in his legs and drops as well , after an hour my son started reacting and i took him to the hospital they told me not to worry he would be ok cause he had a hernia and they said it was not a serious thing not knowing my son was already starting to die he had problems breathing that eve we thought ag its just the injection he will be ok the next day which was now my big day my bday ok we went to the UIF office so i could see if my money was paid in and then we were going straight to the hospital again while standing in the queue i started talking to a lady i had Johnny on my chest and showed her my son but told her he was not well that day he had injection when i looked at him i saw a different sight my son was yellow in colour i called him he didnt respond i took him off from my chest and to my horror my son had stopped breathing i lost my baby boy i can never forget the way he left i cant accept my boy is gone and now evey year on my Bday i have to start counting the years Wish i could still have my son if only i knew what that injection could do i would never have taken him ever.....

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Oct 29, 2014
My angel Johnny
by: monique

Thank you so much everyone ... Shanaaz join our page on FB vaccine injuries

Aug 15, 2014
my son n your son John
by: Shanaz Mohamed

Hey Monique, I'm sorry for your loss but I know exactly what you are going thru. I lost my 3 month old baby 10 days ago it was also due to his vaccine.just after he was vaccinated he started coughing an his lungs started swelling. Took him to hospital his heart rate dropped n breathing slowed down. He was also born @ 35 weeks an weighed 2.1kg.I still find it hard to accept his death an his siblings are so distraught asking when is he coming back. I wish I never took him for his vaccine cause I'm finding it very hard to deal with. People say it gets better with time but I don't think I can ever forget or get over it

Aug 15, 2014
my son johnny
by: christine

I had 38 years with my son. You only knew yours for weeks. I believe they are together in heaven. My son always loved children even when he was very small. I love to think that he is helping God. and keeping an eye on the very young ones. It is the worst thing a mother can go through. I only had the one child, so I am alone now. We will always feel that pain and emptiness. The heartache will never go away. Remember his smile and bright eyes, that will give you some comfort. The pain will lesson with time, tears will always come and go. We will be with our children again and we see how happy and well they are. You love your other children and make special memories with them. God will get you through each day. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My deepest sympathy to you.

Aug 13, 2014
My Son Johnny Lost Due to Vaccine
by: Doreen UK

Monique I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved 6weeks old son who died a sudden tragic death from a vaccine. This is happening all too much across the world. WE hear of tragedies like this all the time. Carrying your child for 9 months and then to go through the usual routine of injections babies need in life and for which parents allow for the best protection for their child. Only to claim a life. The doctors assured you all would be well this is a senseless death. Do not blame yourself for taking your son for his injections. It is what mum's do. If you didn't do this he may have suffered some disease later on in life. I feel sad for you and angry at the same time for your loss. May God comfort you and give you His Peace.

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