My son Neethan

by Dee kershaw

just 2days before he died

just 2days before he died

just 2days before he died
rest in peace

Neethan was 6yrs old, a happy little boy who lived his life the best he could. He didnt talk much or do much as he was epileptic and had daily fits. He had a wheelchair to get pushed around in. He had an older sister too (she 12yrs)

Neethan was sitting at home watching Mr Tumble on the tv as it was the school holidays. He said "bottle please" so i went to get him one. But when i returned with it 2mins later he was gone.

No warning, nothing.
He had had a heart attack. For 15mins I tried cpr to bring him back but nothing. The ambulance arrived and took him to hospital where he was put on life support for 5days. But it was no good he was brain dead.
So i had to switch of the machine and he was gone.

Why o why?????
I cant sleep, i blame myself, im depressed and just wish i could be with him. Is this normal? I cry every night to fall asleep.

Neethan 07/05/07- 07/08/13
I miss you son

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Jan 08, 2014
your grief
by: Lawrence

To lose a child must be the absolute worst thing that can happen in life, equally if not worse than losing a cherished loved one and I feel your agony.
I lost a beloved wife and a wonderful grandson in 2012,my grandson just went up for a bath and never came down, he died there, it’s called Sudden Death Syndrome, he was 21 years old and so brilliant at everything he attempted.
He asked me one day to teach him to play the guitar as I am a musician, within two weeks he could play far better than I ever could, he started writing songs and quickly formed his own group, I have no need to tell you how happy that made me, then he died, God certainly moves in mysterious ways.
On Christmas Day my beautiful wife just dropped dead as we were talking, I won’t go into the terrible details of the CPR and being told she was brain dead at the hospital, like you.
We had been together for nearly seventy years from being young kids at a youth club to aged pensioners and I thank God daily for the wonderful precious years we had together.
Please, please don’t blame yourself for Neetham’s death, there are things in life we just have no control over.
It is completely normal to feel the way you do, you were his mother and suddenly you lost control of his life, the good Lord took over.
The pain and agony will pass slowly, but help nature by crying and crying, don’t be ashamed to show your feelings and accept the sympathy and hugs from anyone who knows and loves you.
Grief is self-limiting and you will find as the weeks and months pass your heartache will slowly lessen and you will accept the knowledge he is in a better place.
You will never feel as badly again as you do now, it is hell and everybody on this web site has been through it and come out the other side, beaten and bruised but we survived, as you will for the sake of your daughter.
We are all praying for you.

Jan 07, 2014
My son Neethan
by: Doreen UK

Dee I am sorry for your loss of Neethan. How you feel is very normal for Raw Grief in losing a child. this is THE worst experience of a mom's life. Most often Grief counselling is needed for the loss of a child as it is very traumatic. To me it is THE worst loss. The three most difficult losses is that of CHILD, SPOUSE, PARENT. Due to the strong bond established during the relationship formed. A mother carries her child for 9 months attached to her by an UMBILICAL CORD. The Pain of Death feels as if the Umbilical Cord was just cut and the loss is unbearable.
It may help you to see a counsellor and also to keep a journal and write out all your painful feelings in your journal and letters to Neethan that will be expressive and you will have forever. When you re-read your journal you will know how far you have healed from your loss. Healing is such a slow process and will make you feel as if you will never recover and have this sorrow forever. BUT YOU WON'T. Grief is a stage and it is a very slow process to Heal from. Each time you cry you will be healing till the crying gets less. There is no NORMAL way to grieve. Just express your pain and sorrow and don't repress this, as it will be more painful to deal with later and will always press for resolution. I wish you Comfort and Peace in the midst of your grief and recovery.

Jan 07, 2014
My son Neethan
by: Doreen UK

Dee I am sorry for your loss of Neethan. The way you express how you feel is all very normal. This is what raw grief feels like. Most often when one loses a child they will need the support of a grief counsellor. Especially with a sudden death. The emotional pain and feelings of grief assault one's body and can leave you feeling a mixture of feelings. From disbelief to despair. The days and months will be especially painful as you try to work through your loss. Take one day at a time. This is how I coped with Loss. I could not function for the first 6 months and did nothing. I lost all motivations to do anything. My body hurt and my heart hurt and I couldn't process my loss. I was flitting in and out of reality and in denial. My mind couldn't comprehend my loss. I just had all this pain I wanted to go away and didn't know what to do with it. Crying is the largest part of grief. Healing is slow. In time RECOVERY FROM GRIEF does take place. This gives one Hope to go on each day. You can't rush grief. It unfolds daily and you wonder how you will get through life again. This is all the normal feelings of grief. I wish you Peace and Comfort in your grief and good support.

Jan 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

It has been almost one year since the loss of our 22 year old daughter and there may be 5 days I have not cried. There is no normal anymore. Do what you must, you are not alone but I guarantee you feel that way right now. My heart goes out to you.

Jan 03, 2014
Its normal
by: Fabio

It' s normal you don' t have to feel guilty ,neethan now is in a better place , cry as much you can there's no medicine for that ,i lost my only son in a motorbike incident he was 22 and a pilot 7 month go and to its the same everyday cry is my breakfast lunch dinner and my lullaby .... Sorry for your loss but you are not alone ......:((((

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