My Son Philip

February 10, 2014 was the second anniversary of the loss of my youngest son, Philip. He was 50 years old. I know many have lost family members, especially children, much younger, but it still doesn't seem long enough to have him in my life. I was 78 at the time and am now 80. I have lived most of my life and should have gone before him. He was a classical guitarist as well as played in bands as a pop guitarist. He taught classical guitar at a local college and his students loved him. He had many friends in the music world and his CDs are available to listen to his many recordings. In addition to me, he is survived by an older brother, his wife and 4 girls, a sister, her husband and their two girls and his long time girlfriend of many years. He is missed by so many and my heart breaks thinking of him every day. Will this pain ever go away? This website has been very helpful.

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Mar 13, 2014
Lost my son Philip
by: Anonymous

My heart breaks for you, I have two sons, and I couldn't imagine losing one of them, age would make no difference, he is your son. Don't feel guilty that others have lost children so much younger. I have a friend that lost her 9 month old grandson, and I recently had a loss myself. When I asked her "how could you handle that"? She said it was extremely painful, but she put another perspective on the situation. She said, I think it would be harder to lose someone who is established in life, someone who had developed a life and a personality. Which are and we're all the things I missed with my loss, and which you are missing with your loss. These are individuals who made a mark in their lives. Someone we shared, hugged, and cried on their shoulders. I thought that was so sweet of her, because I felt guilty leaning on her shoulders when she had what I considered an unbearable loss. But our losses were established individuals. I'm so sorry.. I wish you comfort, with your continued grieving I know you loved him much, and he knows that too.

Feb 13, 2014
My Son Philip
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for your loss of your son at age 50yrs. I have a son of 45yrs. and couldn't cope if I lost him. No matter how old our children are we are never prepared to lose them. But the order of the universe is changing and many children are dying before their parents. Whilst the elderly are living longer. It is the most painful experience of our life to lose a child/adult child. Whilst we live on this earth we have to endure a lot of pain. But the pain of loss of a loved one is the worst we will have to bear.
Taking one day at a time is the only way I know to get through our grief and life. After losing my husband of 44yrs. 21 months ago I still can only take one day at a time. I still can't plan forward than today.
May God comfort you in your grief and give you His Peace each day you grieve for your son Philip.

Feb 12, 2014
Your son
by: Kate

Oh I know your pain,my son of 39 years dies a year and 3 months ago. I'm not better,I'm still in sorrow and hurt. I'm 66
I understand that we should not have to bury our child!! This is the hardest path ever in life. This site is helpful,I agree with that and my heart goes out to you in your loss of your son. We can only keep trying weak or coping,it is so deep a sorrow. I send love to you.

Feb 12, 2014
by: Nancy

Pain is just a gentle reminder how much your son meant to you. Pain for me usually comes at night but joy comes in the morning.
In the darkness of night and everything is still that is when I think of those who have moved on to another place. I don't want to think that I will never see them again. I just want to think that they are an another part of the journey - further down the road than I am. They have gone ahead of me to prepare for my coming. Yes! for me it is in the wee hours of the morning that I stop to think how alone I am.. and how I wish they were here.. but then I stop and remind myself.. of the great little things that they left - to remind me that we were once you said of your son..his love of music..his love of sharing his music to others.. and lucky for you... you can put on his music.. and dance with him.. for as long as you like.. for he left you a song.. so he can linger in your heart until you both get to journey on the same road again.
So don't focus on the pain...sing and dance with your son...even if it is only in your heart .. until that day... when you can sit beside and listen to him playing person.
My love to you and a kiss to blow the pain away
Your friend on the journey
Nancy, Winnipeg Manitoba

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