My Soul

Today I offered up my soul to see who was at the auction block, and lo and behold it was the whole darn lot.

They came from miles around to put me in the ground, and though I laughted at their hunger I was taken back by the sheer number.

You should have seen them there it must have been ten thousand demons ready, I'll be honest I locked my knees to make myself be steady.

I shouted, wait a minute i haven't made a final deal, but they laughed this time and said your soul we now can steal.

That crowd went wild and the roar filled the town, they mocked me and basically put me down.

They told me in a rough demonized voice, you've offered it now you fool and shouted you don't have a choice.

I said wait a minute dummies you forgot I was holding the ace, God put me here on this earth and only he can take my place.

My Lord knows my heart and soul and you don't have a chance, now go find some pigs to demonize cause I'm going to dance.

You think you have power over me and you've thought that for awhile, but I am living proof you don't and I said that with a smile.

God has never left me even in my darkest days, and even when I forsook him then went lonely on my way.

God backed off a little so I could fuss with you, then sometimes like a vulcher you would grab me and pull me through life as you do.

But God would say no more then snatch me back again, and you would snarl and spit cause I was God's friend.

See you can come at me over and over is what you do, but I'll be fighting all the way through.

What you don't understand and fail to recognize, is that you can't hurt me and fill me with your lies.

Early on in my life God and I made a pack that we would handle things together, no matter how rough the waters and raging sea that is called survival over nasty weather.

My faith will someday lead me home to a beautiful country garden, so devil get behind me I have just received my pardon.

Lue, Jacob's mom

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Sep 25, 2012
Thanks be to God
by: Anonymous

Dear Silver,
Thank you for your kind words about my poem. I give God the glory for everything that I do right even a poem. May he wrap his arms around you and hold you tight. That would be my wish. Pray often, and try to let as much sunshine in your life as you can.
Jacob's mom, Lue

Sep 23, 2012
my soul
by: silver

I absolutely love this poem. It says it all. This is what I feel.My faith in GOD is the main reason I haven't given in to my grief.I know HE will come for me when the time is right. In the mean time I will continue to pray for his strength and love. I believe that I will be re-united with my loving husband on that day. I believe I will see my mom,dad,sister,friend and other relatives then also. I feel that if I couldn't believe this then I would have no reason to go on. GOD is my anchor. GOD BLESS you

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