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by Paulette
(Greenwood ny)

Starting in January dad had a mini episode of cramping and two days of lack of appetite. This lasted four days and again in February. Dad didn’t believe in going to doctors, he was an old farmer to the roots. He had two hernias both of witch he had for over 30 years. He never had any real problems with them and was in excellent shape for his age, he was 80.
I got the call march 30 while at work. Dad was having another episode, so when the boss came out and said my dad was on the phone my heart sank and I felt myself go into overdrive. I ran to the phone to hear dad breathing irregular for him. He said “sissy I think you better come home, I am going to call the ambulance”. I told my boss that I had to leave he said go. I arrived home and the ambulance followed me up the drive way. Dad was sitting in the bathroom breathing heavy and having cold chills. We got him loaded and went to the hospital. the first hospital didn’t want to take on a double hernia surgery. it was thought that he had a blockage and after several hours of pain meds, iv’s and meds we were sent to another hospital. He was admitted and taken straight to surgery one hernia was repaired and they were to repair the second the next day. I stayed with dad till late he had been in surgery for 5 hours he got out and I was able to see him at 9:45 pm.
I had left after dad was settled for the night so I could go home to the farm and do chores. I was on the way back to the hospital and was two blocks fro the hospital when the hospital called and said they were taking dad in for emergency surgery. He was scheduled for the second surgery for later that day. I arrived at the hospital and got to his floor I was met by the nurses and dad on the way to surgery. I said my goodbyes and sat in the waiting room yet again. I spent my time blankly staring at the wall, texting people to keep them updated, and thinking about soo much. dad was in surgery for 6.5 hours this time. The cause was found what is known as a mecals diverticulum. He came out fine and was on the mend. He was sent to a nursing home for a month to recoup. He was doing better than expected and then he had set back the nursing home sent him back to the hospital due to him going unresponsive .the hospital kept him over night and then released him to me and we went home.
I got him home dressings, meds, and supplies in hand and I took care of his wounds. The in home nurse was to start on Monday and this was a Friday morning. He was doing good. I being on the protective side when it came to dad never left him alone he slept in his room and I took up residence on the couch so I could keep an eye on him. On Sunday night he went to get up from his chair and I stood there in case he needed help and he got to the edge and went limp falling forward into me. I caught him and said his name nothing.
911 . I started cpr as instructed and the ambulance arrived 23 minutes later. We went to the hospital and that night dad died. He had a blood clot go to his lungs and was not good by the time we arrived at the hospital. they put him on a vent. The doc said with steroids he could be kept alive but he had brain damage from lack of oxygen. Dad died that night.

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Nov 15, 2011
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by: TrishJ

I'm so sorry for your loss. It all seems to happen so quickly and more months after we have to remind ourselves that our loved one is gone.
It's very painful. We always think we could've or should've. The truth is it's up to God. It's his call. God has a plan for everyone's life from the day they are born.
We have to believe we will see our loved ones again some day. That's what keeps me going.
Come here to this site and write your feelings - it really helps.
God bless.

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