My Stephanie, Stephen and now my beloved dog, Toby

by Catherine

It has been a while since I have been on the site but Christmas has been a terrible time since losing my lovely daughter Stephanie on September 2011, her Dad two weeks later and my son Stephen in October 1997. Of course last Christmas right after they died was a blur but this year it hit hard. My remaining daughter and I planned a trip to the Bahamas to get away from the usual Christmas festivities.
Then on December 19th the day before our planned vacation, I had to have my little dog Toby put to sleep so now I have a new heartbreak. My little friend of 14 years is gone and the house is so empty without her. I didn’t think the loss of a pet could be so hard but I keep reliving holding her in my arms and watching her go to sleep for the last time. I did not realize that losing a pet is like losing a family member I am feeling really depressed again and feel like I have nothing to look forward to. Just too many losses for me to handle. But of course, I have to be strong but thought it might help to write it all down again.
Trying to look forward to a better year in 2013, I wish the best for all of you and God bless you for your responses to me in the past year. I will say a prayer for everyone.

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Dec 31, 2012
My Stephanie, Stephen and now my beloved dog, Toby
by: Doreen U.K.

Catherine. Hi! I remember YOU! I was very sad for all your losses. I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved dog Toby. You are so Brave. I am glad you came back to us for support. Of course losing a pet is as painful as any loss could be. For me it was a different loss. My bond to my birds was so strong. I have such a LOVE and passion for pets now after losing my husband 8 months ago to cancer. I am finding it too painful at the moment to have another pet. NOT to replace the one's I have lost, but to continue the Love relationship. I will one day when the time is right have another pet.
The house for me is empty and lonely. I can understand how you feel now. I hope you one day are able to have another dog or some pet to fill your house again with Love and laughter. I know how difficult life is for you.
I have one daughter at home and I am vulnerable to feeling the pain of losing her from my life. I honestly can never understand the pain of all your losses. It is so very hard when we have a house full and then it is reduced to 2 people. I had 7 in our household and now it is only the 2 of us. All have left in different directions and my beloved husband Died 8 months ago to cancer and this was and forever will be the WORST and the MOST PAINFULL LOSS I will ever go through. We were married 44yrs.
Catherine I hope that Life does get easier for you in the days ahead. That you will be surrounded by family and good friends to help you in your ALONE times. May The New Year 2013 be good to you and be the start of many better years to come. God be with you and Bless You Always!!

Dec 31, 2012
Thoughts and Prayers
by: Marji

Oh Catherine...
You have had to bear so much more than one person should ever endure. My heart reaches out to you in your multiple losses.
I have lost my son... and our 15 year old Tara Dog... in the past 3 months. It hurts so much.
But the anguish you must be feeling is even more.
I truly don't know how you can function with all your losses. I hope you are able to take that trip to the Bahamas with your daughter when you feel able.
In the mean time.. I send you caring thoughts and prayers.

Dec 31, 2012
My Stephanie, Stephen and now my beloved dog, Toby
by: cassie

i am so sorry for your losses, i too have had multiple losses in the past and i am still not over them. i know it is a hard time for you and that is understandable, but thanks to this website i have had people help me get through them. keep your faith and know that God is watching you and you will see everyone you lost again one day, thats what is helping me. i lost my Mom and Dad when i was thirteen and my brother and my boyfriend this year at the age 16. pray and talk to the ones around you, never bottle up your emotions. talk to grief counslers and keep you head up high. im praying for you and your loved ones.

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