my story

by joe
(springfield mo.)

Hi. For nearly 22 years I was married to the love of my life. We raised 2 children. Our son was completely normal. And has gone on to give us 3 beautiful grand children. We also had a daughter who was birth defected in every way imaginable. But even yet, life was beautiful until about 5 years ago. My wife began having pretry serious lung issues. Pneumonia several times, and was diagnosed with copd. Also her weight started to go up because she was unable to be active. Leading to multiple other health issues. Eventually in december 2011 she suddenly fell dead as she was walking to bed late one evening. She was buried two days before christmas. But this was somehow made more bareable. I was blessed less then a month later by meeting a lady who immediately was able to fill the massive crater in my life. I believe this was only possible because she had also lost her spouse of many years a year prior. Then, my daughter passed on easter day of 2012. This was especially hard because she was so special to all of us. Then not but a month later, I lost a nephew, who I was very close to. This wasnt bad enough. Another month later, a very good friend of mine collapsed in his front yard. And died immediately, of a heart attack. Luckily nothing had happened for several months, until this past february. My mother passed after a long battle with cancer. My only saving during this whole time has been my now wife and 3 step kids. There has been some sort of normalcy restored to my day. Thanks for listening.

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Nov 12, 2012
my story
by: Doreen U.K.

Joe I am sorry for your loss of your wife, daughter, nephew, mother, friend and any I have missed out. You have had a lot of losses to deal with and it must have been very hard for you in this short time of your losses.
I am so HAPPY for YOU finding another Lady to share your life with and 3 step children. Life would have been so lonely and unbearable for you and as we get older it gets harder. To find some happiness in life and be able to go on each day is GREAT. I really feel so very Happy for you. I am so glad you told your story here as it is full of HOPE with a HAPPY ENDING. I hope that life gets better and better for you and that you will have years of Joy and Happiness. Best wishes!!!

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