My strange dreams about missing grandparents...

by Philip

For me, the year of 2012 was by the worst so far. My grandmother and my grandfather, Draginja and Ranko, respectively, both died in less than 20 days. I've been familiar with their angelic smiles from the very moment I was brought on this world. They helped my parents to raise me and turn me into an honest and respectful person. As a child, I was feeding on their love. I can hardly recall a single day when we didn't talk to eachother, either by phone or in person. God has ruthlessly taken them away from me. Grandpa died on October 3th of severe complications on colon (cancer metastasis that originated from his prostate) and my grandma got sick and 5 days later she died of ALL (she died on October 22nd). I've managed to stay sane with the help of my parents.
Sometimes, I talk to them in my dreams (in my dreams I know they're dead) and everytime I wake up, I'm not sad, but happy and reinvigorated for seeing them and having spent some time with them, as the dreams are the most realistic I've ever had. Maybe they are up there somewhere, watching over me... I just have this sort of weird feeling that they know about everything what's going on with my family and closest relatives, like they're not dead, like their souls are with me all the time... I guess I'll never find that out.
There is one interesting thing about one of my dreams. I was in my house and I called my grandma, knowing she's dead, and knowing no one will answer. I was surprised, but she answered and I was like: "Oh, grandma! It's you? But how?" She responded: "I don't know. Sloba's wondering, too." (Sloba is her second daughter, my aunt, my mother's sister). Then I asked her: "Granny, tell me, please, how is it like there?" (I was thinking about heaven, afterlife, how does it look like). Then she said: "I am not allowed tell you." I asked: "But please, at least tell me do you feel comfortable? Is it nice?" "Yes, it is. And yes, I am", she responded. Then I talked to her about various thing (can't remember what kind of things), and then I mentioned some of her weird and funny words she used to say, after which she told me: "Come on, don't goof around, hurry up, I don't have much time left". Couple of seconds after that, I woke up.
I called my aunt and asked if she had dreamt grandma. Suprisingly, she said that she had, and that she was in grandma's appartment. She also mentioned that grandma was in a hurry and that she was speaking something about not having much time. That moment I felt cold breeze coming up my spine. It's like our dreams were connected somehow... I told her about my dream and she was surprised, too.
Maybe there is something more that science cannot explain. Maybe souls do exist and maybe, when somebody dear and close to us dies, their spirit watches over us and keeps us away from harm.
Ranko and Draginja, you will always stay in my heart. Loves you your grandson,

P.S. English is not my maternal language, but I hope there are not many grammar mistakes. Thank you for reading my story.

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Jan 17, 2013
by: Mathew

After my pepe passed away, I had some dreams too. It was about saying good-bye and giving him a hug. He died in his chair four days after christmas 2012. My family was surprised. We took it very hard. And in some other dreams, I would hear his voice saying my name. I'm having a hard time dealing with his death, and he is the first person I've lost that I was close to. I was really interested in your dream, especially the part about where you asked your grandmother "what was heaven like?" and she said, "I can't tell you, but it is nice."

Jan 02, 2013
My strange dreams about missing grandparents...
by: Doreen U.K.

Philip THANK YOU for sharing your story and dreams. I have heard stories of Loved ones receiving white feathers. A symbol of Comfort. For me before my husband was diagnosed with a deadly cancer my son called me out to the garden to see the most beautiful WHITE Fan tailed bird. Stunning and beautiful. I felt Peaceful but AFRAID the news would be bad. IT WAS. My husband had the worst deadly cancer and died of this 8 months ago. I knew this BIRD was sent to me by God to COMFORT ME. This BIRD is still coming into my garden today almost 4yrs. now. I hope HE will stay and never go away. He is the most stunning and beautiful graceful bird I have ever seen. He is MY ANGEL.
I do believe in an afterlife. My Holy Book the Bible says that the Spirit which is (Breath, character, personality) goes back to God who gave it. So this is in Heaven. But the body goes back to the earth that God took us out of and becomes dust (burial) or ashes (cremation).
I still keep getting white feathers as my comfort. Then one day the phone rang. The display showed our own internal number. SO WHO RANG? This is both spooky and comforting.
My husband's only sister has an Adult daughter 34yrs.of age. A few weeks ago she had a dream about my husband (her uncle). He was dressed in a white suit and he was very happy. he had a white phone. She said Uncle. "That is a lovely phone you have where did you get it from." Steve said "Oh no one has a phone like this one." then Steve (my husband) said to his niece. "Oh the computer is all messed up." she said "Yes I know uncle I am going to fix this tomorrow but I can't get into the computer without the PASSWORD. I will ring aunty (Me) in the morning and get the Password." Steve said. "Oh don't worry about this I will give you the password now." Steve did and she was able to get into the computer in the morning to start taking off the viruses that had corrupted the computer. I find this COMFORTING and also a MYSTERY. I want to view these happenings in a Positive way and not read anything negative into this. Other people will have comforting and strange stories and dreams. Most will be very COMFORTING. Some a MYSTERY.
I hope you are continually comforted in your loss in whichever form this comes.

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