My sweet crazy girl

I lost Missy this morning. She had been diagnosed with heart disease a few months ago, though she'd been doing fine. Yet I knew that she could pass way suddenly. And she more or less did, she suddenly took a turn for the worst this morning and passed away despite the vets best efforts. I know she was suffering, and so I am grateful that she did not linger, but it still breaks my heart to miss her. There will be an empty whole in our lives without her here to fill it.

She showed up as a stray in our neighborhood almost seven years ago, so I know she had to be at least nine years old, maybe older. Someone had declawed her and had her neutered, so I don't know she ended up outside. We took her in after trying to find her own, thinking maybe she had somehow managed to escape her owners. I was at first hesitant, as we already have numerous cats, but she was a joy to have. Missy was always so inquisitive, playful, happy. She was a joyful little soul, found pleasure in the smallest of things, and I have so many happy memories of her. Of her silly antics, like bouncing off the ball and springing over backwards, or pawing at me to crawl under the blankets, the way she'd snuggle against me or perk up so happy when I gave her a treat. She was fearless, the only one that would play and be affectionate with my one boy cat who was her best friend, and always friendly when people came over. She was a little sweetheart, in so many ways...and I'm missing her so badly. Their time with us far too short, it's never long enough it seems like.

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Sep 20, 2012
sweet crazy girl
by: laura

Sorry about your loss. I, too lost my baby due to complications with the heart. Zeus was our world. when we found out that he had cardiomyopathy, we put him on the best pills. He passed away in Aug. of this year 2012 from a stroke.

I still feel his presence in our house.He will live there forever in our minds and hearts.He will never be forgotten.

I hope that you heal soon. I know what you are feeling. Take care.

Aug 25, 2012
My sweet crazy girl
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of Missy. I felt a spurge of joy just reading your account of fun with Missy. She was a stray who found a HAPPY HOME and someone to love her. You did a good job of looking after Missy. She brought you Love and joy as you did return to her in her short life. It does HURT when we lose our pets. They do become part of us. This is why the Good Lord created them. He knew what we needed. He knew what they needed. Having pets in some way is like fostering. We know we don't get to keep our pets. They will one die perhaps sooner than our family members. We give them back. My heart breaks having to give my 8 cockatiels back to the Universe. Often a greater part of LOVE is giving back what we can't keep for whatever reason. We Gain what we can't lose. MEMORIES. FOREVER.

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