My Sweet Granny

by Wendy Travis
(Dardanelle, AR)

My Granny passed away August 9, 2013. I'll be 27 in 3 days. I was very close to my Granny and
my Gramps. They told me that when I was little if I went more than a couple of days without
seeing them I would physically get sick with fever, etc.. But as soon as my parents took me
to them I would magically get better. My Granny died from stage IV colon cancer. They removed
part of her colon and large intestine and thought they got it all but to be cautious they started
her on chemo just in case. Well, guess they missed some. Tumors had spread all over her body,
but she didn't have any on her vital organs. They kept on with the chemo and after 6 months of it
not working they decided to switch treatments. Which I am pretty anger at the cancer
treatment facility to have waited through 6 months of no progress before switching
treatments. So they started her on a different chemo and radiation, and from what I was told
it was helping. My mom said she was feeling better after the treatments instead of worse like
it usually did. Next thing I know my mom's telling me Granny doesn't feel good and can't poop, so
they took her to the hospital. She spent a couple of days there and I'm not sure what all they did
at the hospital but after a couple of days she got sent home. She made it one day at home then
started throwing up bile looking stuff. My Gramps took her back to the hospital and come to find
out she had a tumor in her stomach that was stopping anything from passing. She was to weak
to have surgery and couldn't do chemo either because it made her feel more sick. She told my mom,
who was there for her thru it all, that she didn't want to do it anymore. And she was tired of
hurting. Mom told her she didn't have to, so they started "comfort" care. That was August 3rd. The
day I got the worst phone call ever. I was told to come say my final goodbyes while she was
still coherent. Which I did get to, I wrote a 3 page letter I read to her. On Thursday, August 8th hospice moved
her to her home. And she passed away early Friday morning. She knew she was home and at peace I think.
Even the whole time she was in the hospital she was so sweet and thanking all the staff for all they
were doing. And when the chaplin came and prayed with us she was raising her arms up saying amen when he
was talking about her journey home to heaven. She didn't seem scared at all but ready to go, happy.
And then she just kept talking about how she had the best husband ever and to most wonderful
life and family anyone could ask for. She was so sweet and nice to everyone. I don't think she said
a bad thing about anyone. She could always see the good. Everyone who ever met her loved her.
And man was she intelligent, and she stayed up to date on everything. Ranging from politics to
technology. I miss her so much, I feel like I have had a part of my soul torn out of my body. Sorry this is so long.

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Sep 02, 2013
My sweet granny
by: Doreen U.K.

Wendy I am sorry for your loss of your granny. When we reach a certain age we are more likely to be prepared for death. Your granny seems to have had a Faith that gave her the Hope to accept Death. We all know we are going to die, but few of us can prepare for this till the time we are faced with a loved one dying.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer days away from 16 months ago. It was horrible 3yrs.39days of this cancer journey that was a horrible experience to see someone you love slowly die. Most of us hate the thought of thinking of making a Will. But in reality it is something we should do because of the complications that arise. I only processed making a Will when my husband was dying of cancer. Now I have been able to do my Will. When I was planning the funeral I managed to purchase a Grave for two. This leaves me at Peace as I have managed to pay for my burial in the same plot with my husband. My daughter only needs to deal with my funeral arrangements. Everything else should fall into place. Making it easier for the one's left behind. Not an easy thing to do but necessary. It just gives us the older generation more Peace that we have tied up things as best as we can.
I have a strong Belief in God which makes it easier. I can understand how your granny accepted things in life through her Faith. It is such a comfort and Blessing. The days ahead will be hard as grief is painful over days and into months. But in time we soon get through the process of grief and carry on with life as we were meant to do.

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