My Sweet Lily

by Lori Saunders
(Prince Edward Island, Canada)



My sweet dog of 10 and a half years, Lily. I am devastated at her loss. We had to euthanise her on March 21 2012. She was diagnosed with IMHA. Her immune system was attacking her good red blood cells. We tried the steroid treatment for six days. In the first four; her red cells improved from 20% to 25%.We had a glimmer of hope. Then on the sixth day we were told her good red cell count had dropped to 17%. We were heartbroken to say the least. We knew what we had to do and it just about killed us!It was so costly to proceed with other treatments and the vet told us of side affects and we just did not want her to go through anymore discomfort. She was breathing so heavily from the steroids and had also had come down with vestibular desease where the head tilt s to one side and they go in circles from dizziness and it makes them nausous. Oh this was all so hard to deal with!We did spend a last few hours with her and we were with her when the time came. All that I can't get out of my mind!!
Lily was our friend and companion and filled an emptiness in our heart and home. We are in a different part of the country, away from all our children, grandchildren and family. So, she was a very special part of our lives.I spent more time with her than my husband did. I never went for a walk without her. Most everywhere she could go with us, she went. She loved just being with us!
I am having such a hard time dealing with this. I cry every time I go for a walk, I cry every night and during the day. I try to keep busy but when she comes to mind, my heart sinks and I get so overwhelmed with grief that my chest pains.I just do not know how to deal with it. I feel so sad and empty every day. Mt heart is broken and I miss her so, so much.My husband is devastated too. H I do know he misses her very much as well. I think he tries not to show me all his grief.
What can I do? I cannot explain my sorrow in words,,, it's so great. I never thought I could feel so hurt and feel such sorrow at the loss of a pet!

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May 08, 2012
Thanks everyone
by: Lori

I want to thank all of you who have expressed your sympathies to me for my loss of Lily my sweet companion. I so very much appreciate every word. It is comforting to know that others have experienced the same type of loss and know how painful it can be to ones heart!
Thank you so very, very much for caring. I am praying that God will send another companion our way in the future..when we have healed somewhat from this devastating experience.
We do have our "Lily" laid to rest in our yard and we daily go and spend a few minutes in thought. I know she is still here with us and I still think she comes with me on my daily walks, just as we used to do..her and I,, my sweet girl.

thanks again..

May 07, 2012
Sorry for loss
by: Mary

I am so sorry for the loss of your litle Lily. I know what you are going through. My husband, daughter and I are going through the same thing, only Our little Maltese (Keekee) got hit and killed by a car. It has been 5 weeks and two days since it happened. Our hearts are still torn to pieces. We are having a hard time dealing with this tragedy She was/is our little girl, so beautiful and so smart. We love and miss her so much. I hope you find confort in knowing that we care. You can find her picture on recover-from

May 07, 2012
What a beautiful girl
by: Denise

Lily was so lucky to have you as a mom for over 10 years. God bless you now in your season of grief. Listen for her, she will give you 'signs' that she is still near, and that she is at peace. You will recognize them when they occur if you are aware. Allow Lily to give you these 'gifts' of her love.

Take care of yourself during this difficult time.

May 07, 2012
Lily was more than a dog
by: Judi

Lily was much more than a dog. Only a dog lover understands where you are because they have been there. I once sat hours holding my Sassy. I had been on the way to her vet to have her put to sleep and she somehow knew how hard that would be and died in my arms on the way. She took part of me with her. The pain was unreal. I lost my soulmate last July so pain is nothing new. Be it human or dog/human the pain is great. Wish I had the answer to your question "What do I do" but only time can ease your pain. Never stop it but somehow give you moments of rest. Do not let anyone tell you she was only a dog. No one can tell me how much longer to grieve. I will grieve forever for my loved ones. Some days are worse than others but some days are better than others. Life does go on even if we do not want it to.
Make a scrapbook of Lily when you can and relive the love. Memories are truly a gift from GOD that death cannot destroy. AND no one better tell me that Sassy is not waiting for me to come home.
Good luck my friend and try to make it day by day.

May 07, 2012
Please hang on.
by: Anonymous

A few years ago, I lost my guardian angel. People would ask me if he was a rescue dog and I would say yes he rescued me. I think losing a beloved pet can be harder because they are always at our side and the loss is always there. I thought I would die without my Baxter, that I would never be whole again. I know it doesn't help but you will learn to live with the pain. I feel like I have scar tissue over my heart. There is a sadness in my life that will never go away. All that being said, I wouldn't dream of not having had him in my life. I treasure every memory and know I'm a better person, because Baxter thought I was. Please know that there are a lot of people who understand and are praying for you. Lilly looks like a sweetheart. God bless you and support you through your grief. You will be ok.

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