My sweet little baby..

by Mari

Toya was my first dog. I got her for my 13th birthday. She was everything to me. My baby, little sister and the
Best friend in the entire world!
I could just be home, playing with her every day. She was everything I needed.
unfortunately I didn't get to have her very long.
When Toya turned 5 months my nabor ran over her with her car, and immediately killes Toya. I was behind Toya, so I didn't manage to rescure her..
The only thing I managed to do, was holding my baby and scream. I screamed and screamed unti√ł my voice dissapeared.
I was in total shock, and so traumatized that I couldn't eat by myself anymore. It tool me 6months to manage to eat by myself, clean myself etc. I were a really big mess.

Now, 7years after I'm still traumatized and have been given medications for anixety. I'm 20 years old, And I've still got huge problems recovering the loss of my sweet baby Toya..

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Jun 07, 2013
My sweet little baby...
by: Doreen U.K

Mari I am sorry for your loss of your beloved dog Toya. You were so very young to process the shock of seeing the dog you loved suddenly die. Your shock has been locked up in you and you could seriously benefit from seeing a counsellor who could assist you with unlocking these emotions and feelings all locked up and causing you severe anxiety. This won't go away by itself. Talking to someone who can listen and help you work out your loss will benefit you greatly. 7 years is a long time to still be suffering the anxiety. Give counselling a try. Just make sure you get the right person for you, otherwise keep trying to you get the right person. You should be able to move forward from this anxiety in time. You need to release this. Your dog is so beautiful. My sister's dog is a WESTIE and Toya has this same look. He has such an angelic look as if to say "I am hurting" "Please come and get me." "I need someone to love me." Mari I am sure you gave Toya all the love she needed to have lived a happy 5 months with you. In time you may be able to have another dog and continue this LOVE CYCLE that will continue with you. WE will all lose people and pets from our life. But this shouldn't stop us when the time is right to keep on the continuing cycle of giving and receiving such love.

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