My sweet little Seymour, you were a gift from Above and I will always miss you..

by Suzanne
(Laguna, ca)

Little "more more". he was my sweet bunny boy, taken in his prime because of my ignorance. The evil monster racoon that murdered him didn't know he was so very special to us, to me. I am so sorry my little boy that I didn't protect you well enough. We adopted you after losing our beloved kitty Chloe. I had no idea how much I would grow to love you, after all, you were no Chloe. Not even a cat. I didn't know how smart you would be, that you would hop to me and kiss my ankles..I didn't expect you to be so patient when the kids would pick you up, and that you would be a neat freak, or that you would learn to rearrange your cage until it was just right. I didn't know you would learn to find little pieces of paper and bring them to me as presents. I didn't know how cute you would be when you washed you're face every morning after breakfast. Or how precious you could be when you would lay down with us while we watched tv. You loved to play in the garden and go from leaf to leaf drinking the dew and snacking on a petal now and again . I wish I had your patience. You were pure love and sweetness, you helped us see the lighter and funnier side of life, even during the scary parts, you were there- soft and sweet, one eye blue one brown, waiting to fall asleep in my arms. You were such a special boy and I can't believe you aren't here anymore. We all miss you so much. Dad cried when we put your little death box in the ground and he petted your little soft paw one last time more. I picked every single flower in our garden and carefully laid them over your resting spot. You were one of a kind sweet Bonny boy. Thank you for everything.

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