My Sweet Muffy

by Glenda C
(Frisco, TX)

On June 27, 2011 at 10:23 a.m., my sweet Muffy died. A few days before, she began to walk alarmingly slow. I just thought it was the Texas heat. I dropped her off at the vet to be checked out which I had done so often before since she had chronic colitis. I went on my way to my own doctors appointment expecting to pick Muffy up in a couple of hours.

Instead, the pet hospital called me on my cell phone 3 times to tell me of the crisis as soon as it began. The last message I picked up after my appointment was that she had died! The shock was awful. I simply lost it out in public. I don't know how I drove to the pet hospital just so I could hold her. I can hardly get the image out of my mind of her limp little 5 pound body in my arms. For weeks, I have hardly been able to stop the tears, torturing myself. How could I have known that she was bleeding internally? Did she fall from the furniture and rupture something? Did she eat something that ruptured her esophagus? Only heaven knows.

Muffy came into my life 8 ½ years ago. She was running down the street toward heavy traffic when a friend opened her car door and Muffy jumped in! The friend couldn't keep her because of work, so I was blessed to receive this gift. We fell in love at first sight! Our devotion to each other was known far and wide. I saw her through 3 cancer surgeries and she saw me through upsets of various kinds throughout the years. We were walking into senior years together. She was a gift to me, but was taken so suddenly.

I pray a lot for peaceful acceptance and I know it will come eventually. I'm left with memories that make me smile. She could hear me open the peanut butter jar from the next room! She would stare intently at the computer screen as I held her while I read emails. She would ride on my left arm, on the same eye level as me when we went for a ride in the car. People would look over and smile because we both have curly white hair. I would just talk to her and say, "look at those people." I held her in my arms like a baby while I told her a story on many nights. The story began "once upon a time, there was a little white dog running down the street. The cars were going by zoom, zoom, zoom." Her eyes were so big.

I will never forget my sweet girl and the comfort she brought me. It has been consoling to read the stories of others who have adored and lost their "companion pets." Blessings to you all. My heart goes out to you as we share our grief.

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Aug 24, 2011
Sweet Muffy
by: Gale S.

Dear Glenda,
Thank you for sharing your wonderful love story between you and Muffy. So many pets live in fear each day from abuse of others. I believe God provided that Divine Appointment 8 1/2 years ago for you and Muffy to meet. You met at a time when you both needed someone. I know Muffy's time was not long enough, but Muffy gave it her all and loved you unconditionally as you loved her. Always remember the good things and one day Muffy will be waiting for you in Heaven on the other side of the "Rainbow Bridge". Praying for you. Gale

Aug 19, 2011
To Glenda C.
by: Laurie B.

Wow, what a sweet story, Glenda. Putting your feelings into words will help and this story about Muffy is so endearing. My heart goes out to you. I love the way you two met and Muffy running down the street - what a blessing she was to have you come to her rescue. I also enjoyed looking at the memory book you made about Muffy. She was such a sweet baby girl. Love you, Glenda.

Aug 10, 2011
so sorry
by: Cindy

Sweet Glenda,
Thank you so much for sharing your story about Muffy. I had no idea you had lost her until now. Sounds like the two of you had the most amazing bond of love and companionship! Please know that I am hugging you right now as I type this and that I am praying for peace and comfort for you.

Aug 07, 2011
Life's challenges bring us yet closer together
by: DeAnn

My dearest friend,
The many miles that separate us are bridged by the bond of God's love that wove our hearts together, in a beautiful tapestry, so many years ago. I am deeply sorry that you lost Muffy, and understand that there are no words that can take away the depth of your pain...I will continue to pray that through His mercy and grace, God will comfort your heart as you grieve your loss. Yes, we might be miles apart, but we remain close in heart.

Aug 07, 2011
I will miss Muffy too
by: Carolyn

Dearest Glenda,

I am so sorry to hear about Muffy. She was a wonderful little friend and I know you will miss her. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet your sweet girl...she was a wonderful companion and you were wonderful for her too. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. We miss you and think of you often...we are here for you if you need anything...

Love Carolyn

Aug 06, 2011
by: Joanne

Glenda, It is so hard to process, isn't it? I understand. I think the shock also makes the passing harder to comprehend. I brought my cocker spaniel in to a vet for routine surgery. There were complications which should not have happened and even in the final moments, another Vet never asked critical questions which I have since learned could have changed the outcome. Daily I ask myself, did I do enough? Why didn't I bring the dog to Tufts? The young Vet who treated my dog talked me out of Tufts...did she not want them seeing her error? I am filled with guilt and lost my best friend of 11 years. We have to try and find goes on...but a part of me died when my dog was PTS. I'm sorry Glenda...this is not easy for any of us at this time of great loss. I hope you find peace.

Aug 05, 2011
I understand your pain
by: Dee

Dearest Glenda,

As I read your story about Muffy tear began to fall down my face. The pain that you are feeling is only too familiar to me. It took me back seven years ago when I lost my Taffy. She was killed by a car. The driver never stopped; but I can still remember that horrible sound as the car hit her. I ran out on the middle of the street not thinking about my own safety hoping that she would be alive. My Taffy was gone. I am so grateful that she did not suffer. I picked her up, put her in the car and we went home. Once I was able to talk, I called my friend who came over right away. She took my Taffy from my arms and that was the last I saw her. My dearest friend Missy, had Taffy cremated and her ashes placed in a little box.

A year later, I was blessed with a gift from the same friend (Missy) who had conforted me the day I lost Taffy. She gave me T.C. (Too Cute). I love this little boy.

My dear Glenda, I am sorry for your loss.

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