My sweet Savannah was the most loving sweet dog ever. She was a minature poodle and just over seven years old when I had to let her go.

Through her life she had many medical issues and under went many surgeries but no matter what she stayed sweet and loving. She was there to lick the tears from my face while I watched my Mother die with altzheimers. She loved everyone we met along our walks and loved me and her two cat sisters unconditionally.

She liked to chase the squires out of the yard and tried to make friends with all the feral cats in the yard. She brought so much joy and now I have a big hole in my heart that I don't think will ever get better. I loved this baby more than any pet I have ever had.

Savannah ended up with diabetes that we could not regulate with the insulin because the vet thinks she had cushings disease even though the test was negative for that. I released her back to God on February 20, 2015. That was the only fair thing to do but at was also the hardest thing ever had to do. I held her and told her that I loved her and was sorry she had to go but that we will be together again some day and thank-you for the wonderful friendship for those short seven years. I miss and LOVE YOU MY SAVANNAH SUNSHINE.


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Jun 21, 2015
Patches Joining My Sweet Savannah Sunshine
by: Cathy

I had to put down my cat Patches on the 17th of this month. She is now with Savannah and I so hope they are happy being together again. My heart is broken and having a hard time finding comfort since we don't really know what happened to Patches. I know that every life on this earth is temporary and all must be returned to God when it is time and that has some comfort but like Savannah I loved Patches and was the only person on this planet that did and she loved me. I was told over and over by people during the 6 years I had her because she was aggressive and would bite or scratch others that I should get rid of her. I loved her and she did have a good life but something was tormening her the last 24 hours of her life and had no choice but to say goodbye and send her back to God. The heartache is so bad which I know will lessen in the days ahead. Please RIP my baby and someday I will meet you at that Rainbow Bridge with Savannah. Know your mommy loved you!!!!

Apr 15, 2015
Still Missing You My Sweet Savannah Sunshine
by: Cathy

My dear Savannah - It has now been 54 days since I said good bye and I still miss you so very much. At times I just don't know if I will ever get on with my life because the heartache is so difficult to handle. You were my best friend and I know you loved me as much as I loved you. Just wanted to say hello and looking forward to seeing you again one day. Love you my baby.

Mar 14, 2015
My sweet Savannah Sunshine
by: Doreen UK

You told your story of your life with Savannah in such a way that says you have accepted having Savannah in your life and journey here on earth, and the most significant part of your post was to say "You released her back to God." You have accepted the fact that we are all here for a reason and that having Savannah in your life was part of your journey here on earth to Bless each other's life, and that you are thankful for having her in your life and that you will miss her. You held Savannah loosely knowing she would die one day due to the limited life pets have. It is so easy to become so content with life that we think we have forever with the one's we love. This is not wrong. but keeping everything in some perspective somehow helps our grief. We will all sorrow for some time through our many losses in life, but knowing that we will recover from our grief helps us bear the losses we have to bear in this life. Knowing there is a hereafter is a way of helping us cope with loss and continuing life. In time you can put another pet in your life to continue your journey here on earth giving and receiving Love through giving once more to also enhance the life of a pet that brings much happiness. The important thing to remember that it is in giving of ourselves to other's that we gain the richest Blessings. Our life becomes richer for the love expressed in sharing ourselves. Each pet that we take into our life has its own personality, and life experience with us so we are not replacing the pet we lost we are just adding to their happiness and ours. I am sorry for your loss of Savannah

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