My sweet Skylar, rest in peace.

by Rosanna
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Skylar and Seuss together

Skylar and Seuss together

We lost our little precious Tri-coloured sheltie named Skylar to throat cancer on Friday April 3rd. We found out he had cancer beginning of March just a few days after his 15th birthday. He kept coughing during January and February but we thought he had a cold. He also seemed to be sleeping all the time but we thought it had to do with his age. It was devastating to hear he had throat cancer and that only if he was younger it could have been easily removed. We spoiled him more so with special treats and giving him lots of love and attention. He loved to play, run and herd whomever he can. He loved running around the lawnmower. It made us laugh watching him. He waited anxiously while we took it out of the shed. It didn’t have to be on. He loved to run circles around it. He was always a good little watch dog we used to call him. Always barked and jumped greeting you at the door. He loved his daily walks even when he couldn’t stand up steadily he always wanted to go for his walk. All changed so fast. It was just three weeks later when he started to eat less and not walking very steadily when he always falling down or stumbling. It was so sad. We were holding out perhaps it was something else. Last summer he started to experience seizures. We were giving him daily mediation to control the seizures. It was until last Thursday night that all changed. He wasn’t eating or drinking not even his favorite treat vanilla ice-cream. He couldn’t keep up little head held up. Friday afternoon he wanted to walk so badly that he tried to get up only to fall hard hitting his head on the floor. Being Good Friday the vet was closed. We tried to make him comfortable as possible so we could take him to the vet first Saturday morning but it wasn’t going to be. While holding him I was telling him he can be free of his pain and play with his brother Seuss in Heaven. It was terrible to watch. I felt so helpless. He couldn't even open his mouth for even a drop of water. I prayed to God that he bless him and watch over him and Seuss. Seuss died a terrible death last April while he and Skylar was out for their morning walk when they were attacked by two out of control dogs roaming free owners nowhere in sight. Seuss later died and Skylar survived physically but the vet believes he suffered a stroke from the attack. It took four months for Skylar to come around only to die from cancer almost a year later from the attack. It was too soon even at the age of 15 to say good-bye. We miss him so much already. Wish we could have done more. He was our rock trying to heal from the loss of Seuss now it's as difficult to deal with his own death as well if not more. It's not the same in our house without Skylar or Seuss. We are going to have him cremated so he can be together with Seuss. I'm so sorry you always.

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Apr 17, 2015
My sweet Skylar, rest in peace.
by: Doreen UK

Rosanna I am so sorry for your loss of Seuss and also Skylar. such BEAUTIFUL DOGS!!! I feel your pain as I support my sister having lost her Westie 3 weeks ago to cancer and she had to put him to sleep. I will never forget her SOBS down the phone as her husband asked me to speak to her. I was going to give her space before i called. But she had to speak to me immediately. She felt a pain she had never felt before and then I knew she was facing the same pain I felt almost 3yrs. ago when I lost my husband to cancer. Days of recovery are very slow and hard and it is a painful journey for you facing 2 losses.
You will relive those moments before your dogs lost their lives. Almost as if everything is in slow motion and happening automatically without any help in trying to remember. You may find it difficult remembering many things like I did and I felt a wave of panic. But this is just the memories way of adjusting. You will have these memories come back and you will feel some joyful moments in the middle of your sorrow. Just don't limit your life. When you have grieved don't feel afraid of the fear of death that stops you from continuing the cycle of giving and receiving love with a new dog. don't rob yourself of the joy you could have. All we can do is to put as many lovely things in our life each day, to help our journey here which can be very difficult with life's difficulties.

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