My SWEET TONY...gone 3 mo now...enriched me so much!!

by carroll

Thanks to all who post here. It helps me endure the loss of my sweet Tony. He has been gone just over 3 months and I look @ his picture everyday and talk to him and tell him how much I love and miss him. He has his arm around me and my arm is around my granddaughter...we're in the country and Tony is smiling. Some days are better than others. I cry so hard sometimes that I can not see. Thank GOD for my 2 dogs when I get home to "our home". It was just Tony & me @ the house. I have no children. Tony had 2 kids. All kinds of drama there. Tony and I enriched each others lives and enjoyed each others company. We had drama @ the end due to his kids...but Tony told me he was sorry and wanted to spend his final days with me and that he always loved me.. Thank you GOD for that mercy. We did not know he was sick. He went pretty fast after the stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis..his kidneys and lungs failed due to the cancer had metasisized there also. Our home was to be our retirement just mine alone. It is so hard to keep moving on...he was my soulmate to the inth! Such a wonderful and zany, loving man. Please say prayers for me to get through all of this grieving. Peace out!

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Aug 17, 2012
Sweet Tony...gone 4 mo

It's now 4 mo since Tony is gone. His 64th birthday passed as well. I did ok in that I had 3 of our grandkids over for the Batman movie and a steak dinner @ home. We visited and they played games and on the PC. I went and volunteered @ the Pupsquad too on Sat. where I help get puppies adopted. I try to stay away from the family drama more and just get kids and goooooo. The unhealthy decisions made by Tony's daughter are too heartbreaking for me to be around. My hope is to focus on the "living" and not dwell so much on how much I miss my zany man and his companionship. I joined a grief support group on Thurs. It did help to have a safe place to cry with people who understand. People @ work really do not want to hear about how sad I still am. Please GOD help us all on this difficult journey with our NEW life. Take care my friends in widowhood. Peace to us all!!

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