My sweetheart, love of my life, Cookie

by tracey

Cookie...begging for food

Cookie...begging for food

My dog Cookie came to me as a stray. I was a volunteer for an animal rescue no kill shelter, and one day at an adoption day one of the volunteers brought in this dog, it was odd that nobody adopted her that day. So I took her home just to foster her until the next adoption week. But I became extremely ill and bed ridden for two weeks. She never left my side.

I fell in love with her and had to keep her. She was sssssoooo smart and full of life. A real beauty. My husband fell in love with her also, and she loved him. If he was holding her, she wouldn't let me kiss him. She would get all jealous. It was adorable. She was bright as a star, center of attention where ever we went, full of energy and loved to run and play.

Three yrs ago we had to have her eye removed due to a tumor, but she adapted to it ok. This last year was extremely hard on her. Her health started to go downhill. She became senile, had a bad hip, was losing her hearing, didn't see as well as she used to. She had a hard time walking and eventually had to lean up against the wall to eat.

Finally we decided that she had been through enough and it would only be cruel to keep her alive any longer. It was such a terrible decision to make, but we really had no choice. That day I held her in my arms and told her that she was a good girl, I wanted her to know that before she passed away. I gave her a sedative which put her to sleep, the vet came to our house and she wasn't even aware that he was there, she slept through the whole thing.

Me and my husband cried as they carried her away. Her estimated age was over 20 yrs old. She passed away Feb. 5th, 2009. We now have her ashes in a beautiful urn. Its been eating me up lately. I still cry. I miss her and I suffer from the feelings of guilt. One day when it's my turn to leave this world, we will meet up again. I will take her into my arms and kiss her face and hug her and tell her how much I miss her and how much I love her.

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Mar 07, 2009
by: Sheila Joyce Gibbs

Oh, what a touching story you've sent. Just touches my heart so!

My dearest and only relatives live in Florida, and they've had a wonderful little pup, Bridget, for 17 yrs now. They had this little tyke long before they had their own two children.

Well every summer they fly up to visit, and it's just a joy for me.........But Mary had warned me that Bridget was really getting into her old age, and I would be upset to see her. Well, yes, it broke my she was always so active, frisky, playful, even in 2007 when she was here, right after my dear hubby died, having her in our house with the kids was such a comfort.

So, Mary told me last month, that they'd done much the same as what you did for your little furry bundle. I knew Mary was taking it very hard, as Bridget was truly like her first born.

I truly believe in my heart, they'll be waiting for us in Glory........chasing, playing, running after each other, no cares in their little furry heads

God Bless you. And remember, God knows all......And every heartbreak we suffer, He does feel it too!
Luv sjg

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