My teacher that left lasting impressions

by Mylissa Myers
(St. Helens, Oregon, USA)

My dad, how I miss him everyday and not a hour goes by that I do not think of my last moments with him. He was my daddy, my techer of life lessons and my go to man when lifes troubles came my way. Cancer took his life 2 weeks past his 50th Birthday June 2, 2011.
My dad was a young dad, only 20 years old when I came into his life, a spitting image of him, he couldn't deny I was all his. From the time I can remember he was my hero through and through. He could be hard as a hammer sometimes but soft as a rabbit others. Always full of compassion for others and that is where I gained my inspiration. He loved people and could hold a conversation with anyone. And oh' Lordy if he saw a baby in a store, he just had to stop and pay whatever attention that mother would allow a strange man to do!
Cancer makes me so very angry and when I see commercials on tv the ones where the celebrities are singing happy birthday to cancer patients, it infuriates me! My dad never had a chance, his cancer was in his lungs (not caused from smoking) that spread to his liver ,kidneys and eventually his brain. To see a strong man suffer like that would change any body for ever! It has changed who I am as a person. I live everyday with the image in my head of my father taking his last breathes and going home to the other side. He leaves me little signs all the time, from songs on the radio to pennies on my seat in my car to his name every where i go. I know he is in a better place, and I feel selfish sometimes for just wanting him back, but then I realize that I would have to say goodbye all over again and that is something I am just not willing to do.
I love him immensely and miss him incredibly but I know his lessons to be learned are done and mine are to continue on........
Your loving, Daughter

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