My Teddy Bear the most amazing, loving friend a

by Angel Watson
(Shohola PA USA)

Teddy came to me 6 1/2 years ago. We (ex and I) had been looking for an Alaskan Malamute that would not try to make a meal of our cats.
He found Teddy Bear on one site and messaged the owner. Then on the following day we were contacted by the Malamute rescue. As chance would have it it was for the same dog!
His first mommy had been injured and had a long recovery in front of her. She had come to the realization it was unfair to keep him kenneled during this time.
We went to meet him that weekend and the rest is history.
Ted absolutely loved the cats from the start. Even "helping" with a delivery of a kitten at one point.
He was the most loveable, sweet and gently 135 lb friend you have ever seen.
Unlike most he was great off leash and on. His personality was second to none.
He loved his "squirrley" squeaky toy and would try to take it out for walks with him. And if he could not be found he would cry until we did find him.
2 years ago he was diagnosed with Low Albumin levels that threatened his life. Our wonderful doctor put him on medication for the IBS that was causing this and within 6 months or so he was back to normal in levels.
He loved his "walkies" and had pet sitters come in to do this while I was at work.
Never one ounce of aggression towards anyone. Extremely mellow and just amazing.
More recently his arthritis in his hind end was starting to get to him. He would have trouble getting up UNLESS he saw his leash then all bets were off as his walks were his life.
He got a very good report on a check up 2 weeks ago. Doc said he looked amazing for a 10+ year old.
All this changed Tue evening. During the day the pet sitter said he had a great day. Met her at the door barkin, great walk and when home GREAT jealousy over her petting the cats.
I got home and he just wasnt right.
That evening was spent pacing, panting and crying. I knew he was in pain from somewhere.
Last night he was hard pressed to even get up to go out.
Even showing him the leash, which usually got him up RIGHT away did nothing but have him lift his head.
Today at the docs I was told he was dehydrated, even though he drank alot as usual. He was anemic and his arthritis was getting very bad and he was weak.
He also seemed to be listing to the right, stroke?
Exam revealed something that wasnt there last time. A mass in his abdomen.
Doc said he may have an infection which was causing the weakness. But with the mass and the pain he seemed to be in and no interest in his favorite past time walking told me more was going on.
I could have done the selfish thing, and believe me I was tempted, but I knew in my heart and by the look on his face he was tired and in pain and time to cross over.
I have had pets my whole life. There has NEVER been one who has gotten to me like my Bear did.
He even chased bears off that were trying to get into my home. Those he HATED.
So I did the right thing and only thing I felt I could do for a friend that deserved to not be in pain anymore and who has been such a joy over the last 6 1/2 years, I let him go.
I cradled his head on my lap kissing, talking and loving him up til the end and more.
Teddy you were one of a kind. I will always love you and will never until I die forget you.
Until we meet again my dear friend, thank you for the joy and love you brought into my life and any life you met...I will miss you forever
Your "Mommy" Angel and first "Mommy" also Marie
You will always be my Baby and I am lost without you

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Nov 02, 2011
Our 'Animal Children'
by: Char

Sweet Bear, I didn't know you, but how I wish I had. I knew your mama and I knew how happy you made her and how very much she and her family (YOUR family) loved you. You were such a good boy Teddy!! And such a pretty boy too! You have lots of fun with all your buddies over the bridge ok? Mama will be with you again some day, you just wait and see! :)

Angel, isn't it something how losing our animal kids hurts as much as (I imagine) losing one of our human kids would. I really feel for you. I have lost many dogs and one cat so far. My Rottie was actually the most difficult loss. I don't know what it is about those big dogs but it's really hard. And the cats..........oh boy. When I think about my baby, Whikky, (that's the cat who "owns me"), I don't know what I'm gonna do when she goes. Well, I'm sure I'm gonna feel exactly like you do right now. Oh gosh how I wish I could hug ya, woman. Just hug all the tears away! I'm so very very sorry :(

Oct 26, 2011
by: Bears "Momma"

I keep thinking you are right behind me. I know you are gone but it just doesn't feel real to me yet I guess.
I was getting ready for bed and thought Can't do that yet Bear will need to go out before bed.
I guess its going to take time. You were such a huge part of my life. Here in the woods you , me and the kitties.. and Yeah the real bears!
Kitties look for you also.
Too quiet here now...

Oct 25, 2011
by: Angel

THe last comment was for Chris not Ted.. I guess he is just so much on my mind

Oct 25, 2011
by: Angel

How old is your fur friend? I, honestly can't answer the question though as I am still not sure. All I know is I know I did the right thing.
He went from seemingly fine Tue afternoon for Nancy (Pet sitter) to down hill fast starting that evening.
I wanted to be so selfish and run this test or that. But, he was in pain. His eyes told me he was tired. Bears his size , I have been told 8-10 max. So I guess I am blessed to have had him that long.
I will forever miss him. He was truly one of a kind...
*Hugs* and thank you

Oct 25, 2011
Thank you for kind words & Coming home now
by: Angel

I want to thank you for the kind words. They really do help. I , Marie and our families were truly blessed to have Ted in our lives.

Coming home now just is not the same. So empty in the house. Cats are clinging to me. Its amazing how Gods creatures seem to know when their "human" is hurting.
I know it will get better. And many would think me nuts, but for now "squirrely" is with me wherever I go. It is helping me to have something of you close by.
Love you my Bear ...

Oct 21, 2011
This is one of the most beautiful...
by: Geoffrey Campbell

This letter charmed my heart and was one of the most beautiful I have read so far on the loss of a pet, Teddy Bear came to life for me as I carefully read each sentence, and then wept, as I am still weeping, when I read of his passing. But you were so fortunate and blessed to have had such a larger than life dog, and to cry unless his squeaky toy was found for his walk, gave deep insight to the depth of character and compassion inherent in Teddy Bear. We who read about your Teddy Bear have been moved, and I am sure most of us will pray for you. I honestly believe that if we are faithful and live a life of love on this earth, we see our faithful loved companions again, though not now, but forever in eternity with God, and they will have no infirmities, nor arthritis, and will we will once again enjoy their loving presence.

Oct 20, 2011
Oh Gawd
by: Chris G

OMG life can be tough...How am I ever gonna get over losing my Jed/ Your story really touched me. You showed so much strength making such a hard decision.

Oct 20, 2011
My Momma's Bear
by: Cookie

You put all of your heart into making Teddy's last few years the best of his life...he LOVES you so much! Just like the people in our lives we lose, he is watching over you.
I know you have faith Momma, and Teddy looked at you today and his eyes said "Mommy, I'm tired.'.
When I walked in and he didn't howl a greeting, I knew that you had a difficult time ahead of you.
I love you and I love Bear, and I love you EVEN more for being selfless enough for letting him go out on top instead of in unbearable pain.

He'll see us all at the rainbow bridge :)

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