My third born son 30 yrs old.

by Debra

August 28,2012 I lost my Son "Bo" to a tragic accident involving a 18 wheeler. Bo had developed a passion for motorcycles and he enjoyed riding and feeling the breeze. of nature as he rode it. And all of a sudden he was taken away too soon at the age of 30. He left behind so many people lives he touched through out his wonderful life. Bo was such a caring, and loving
young man that will forever be in our hearts. His memories will continue to live on.


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Oct 02, 2012
Uncle Bo Bo
by: K. and J. Roberson

Hey Nani,
We all loved Bo with all our hearts and it's always hard saying goodbye, and it's even harder when the person you loose is so special. Bo was a great person and his love of life lives on in us. I weep with sadness at his lost for Jamira because she can't even understand at this point in her little life what we all have lost. I weep with joy because of the time she WAS able to spend with her Uncle Bo Bo. I love to hear her still talk about him, because I want her to keep him alive in our thoughts, in our hearts, and live on as we continue to be blessed with breath in our bodies. We will miss him more than words can ever express, but what an honor it was to know someone like Bo. He truly was a blessing and he will be missed, but he will live on in us because we will never forget Uncle Bo Bo :)

Sep 25, 2012
M.C. Accident
by: Diane

Hi Debra,
I just wanted to reach out to you. My son, Casey, was also killed on his motorcycle. It was two years ago. He was 23. I cried every day/night for almost two years. I still cry because I miss him and he missed out on so much. He was my first born, 7 weeks premature. I always say he came into this world too soon (complications for the first year), and he left way too soon. The only way I get through each day is believing that we'll be together again one day. In the meantime, I look for signs from him. I realize that not everyone believes, but there have been so many, I can't help but believe that he's still with us in some manner. I also try to remind myself that if he were here, he wouldn't be spending every minute with us - he'd be at work, with friends, etc. It seems to allow me at least a little bit of time to breath. I always told him and my daughter that if anything ever happened to me, I hoped that I raised them well enough that they would be able to carry on with their lives, and I feel they would want to know that eventually I will be O.K. The fact that it still hurts so much is almost comforting as it tells me how much I love him. I hope you're able to find some comfort in some way as well.

Sep 22, 2012
so sorry
by: Cathy

I am so sorry for your loss, no matter how may days, months or years go by the pain does not go away. This is the worst kind of loss for anyone to go through. Things you can buy , money you can make but you can never have your loving son back and it is very difficult to accept, it is a very painful process. I lost my 21year old son Brandon almost 11 months ago but it just seems like yesterday and i just cannot stop wishing i could have him back.I pray to god to help you to bear the loss. My love and prayers to you.

Sep 20, 2012
my third born...
by: Malgosia

Dear Debra, I am so sorry for you loosing your wonderful son. I wish, I could tell you it will get easier with time, but I can not say that. I lost my 30 year old son on july 30 2012, and the pain is as bad as the first day. everyday I wake up asking God to make the terrible dream go away, but is not a dream, and every day I walk around crying. I try grief counseling , that was wast of time. I joined compassionate friends group, I would suggest to try, it is group for parents who lost child. Unfortunately meetings are only once a month, I wish would be twice a week. My son was my only child, I wish I died not him... I am sorry you have to walk the journey with the rest of us. May God be with you and all of us.

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