My true love and soul mate.

by Jessica peters
(W.f. I'll 62896)

I meet my true love and soul mate 17yrs ago,not knowing then he was my true love and soul mate. Threw out the years we did everything together but we both were dating others. Two years ago we got together. To this day I remember everything of first date. A year later he was in motorcycle accident and broke his neck . He lived .. A few months later he told me something I will never forget. He wanted to celebrate each holiday something he never did. He wanted to have thanksgiving , Christmas , valentines day and Easter. At that time I didn't think anything about it. Thanksgiving came and we celebrated , Christmas came and he decorated the tree from the star topper all way down to the ornaments he picked out. Valentines day came and we celebrated it. Good Friday we went out of town and while there we went to a local mall. While there he purchased me several items. We took are first pictures together as we were leaving he told me that everything he got me was my birthday,christmas, valentines day and Easter. Easter came and I got him an eater basket ,he began to cry. He told me I was the only one besides his mom that ever got him a Easter basket. Not even a month later the unexpected happened. On may 8 th waiting for him to come pick me up I recivied the news that he had been in a car accident. Jamie had been killed. That day I felt like I died right along with him. A few days after his funeral I began to go threw his stuff. What I found tore me up as well as touched my heart so his stuff I found all the receipts together in a plastic baggy from the day we went the local mall. The sweatshirt I had got him for christmas, the recipet for his tool box I had purchased him for valentines day. And the colange I got him for easter. All this was together. Some might believe and agree that was all together for a reason.some may not. I do. I believe that last year god gave Jamie a extra year of life to get those holidays never celebrated before something he wanted so much . But god also gave me an extra year with him and those wonderful memories to add to the others... It will be a month Tuesday Jamie has passed and up until yesterday I believed he was gonna walk threw the door, the phone was gonna ring and he was gonna be on other end. But I realized yesterday that he is with the lord and he is always gonna be with me . He's always gonna love me and always gonna be with me. I might have to take this journey with out him but I know I have an gaurdian angel flying beside me... Jamie was only 35 years old. He lived a short life but he impacted so many. Loved and missed by many.... I love you Jamie forever and always past Pluto.

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