My true love to my lost wife Ely

by Cyril

On March 19, 2011, I loved my true love of over 25 years from heart failure. I watch her die slowly and watched her helplessly. I kept most of her items and visit her almost everyday at the cemetary. I am just empty and alone and become phobia going anywhere other than the cemetary and must be home to see my wife's belongings before dark.

I do not know if I am too sick and depressed from the loss of my wife because I believe I prefer to remain the same way as I always do since her death.

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Sep 29, 2012
My true love to my lost wife Ely
by: Doreen U.K.

Cyril none of us know how to react to loss. You lost your wife of 25yrs. This is not something one can accept easily. You will find your own way of grief. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. some people will have strange habits or rituals but this does not mean that you are too sick. A death will trigger off other emotions and unresolved feelings. How does any of us have the answers to how to grieve with dignity. There is no dignity in death. No pleasure in sadness, sorrow, or pain. Our soul is torn in two. We will at some point suffer depression. We must do everything to not stay with depression. It can destroy us if we let it. If you feel that you can't cope with grief, try and see a grief counsellor to support you in your loss.

Sep 28, 2012
my true love to my lost wife Ely
by: silver

First of all you are not sick. Depressed yes,sick no.My true love,my husband died May 2011 and I still cry almost everyday. I have managed to give a few of his things to his sons but I haven't even thrown away all his medicine.I hate going to the store because I know he won't be here when I get back.When I go to bed I hope for him to be there but I know he won't and it makes me cry. I keep expecting him to be there when I turn around and he's not. I wrote a note here where I said he's still gone.I look for him but he's still gone.I totally understand how you feel. I have to force myself to get up and/or out some days. I keep feeling like I should be farther along in the grief pattern by now. I keep feeling like I should be able to handle things so much better than before but I can't. My husband was cremated by his wish and I spread the ashes on our land.I talk to him each night and during the day. I feel that I will see him again one day and we will run to each other and hold each other again. I HAVE to believe this or I would go crazy with the wanting.Sometimes the pain is so great that I just want to lie in bed forever. I have 4 children(grown men w/families and/or full time jobs) I miss my best friend and my soul mate. I pray for you,me and others like us each night for GOD to send us strength and love to survive this. You are only missing your best friend like me.You are not crazy. Sending love your way.We will learn to live with this one day,but no one knows how long it will take.We each are different people.Check out the poems in this site.Some of them really let us know that others feel as we do. GOD bless you.

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