My Valley

by Barb

As I sit alone in my chair
I look and stare at my valley
far below me.
I think of so many things I have seen
high on my perch, over so many years.

I think of he, who found this land
And showed me it with such delight.
To build a home, that we would share in love.
He built this home with his hands. So every piece
he had touched. Every piece held a part of him.
Just as he had touch and held the heart and soul of me.

Softly the chickadees sing their song.
The song that brings them love.
Soft, small chirps calling to his mate.
How could one so small survive the cold, dark winter storms.
Only to surface in the gentleness of spring.
To bring forth a new generation,
to sing their song, again and again.

The clouds hover above me like
mountains capped in snow.
Tall, strong, pure, ever changing
Oh, how they remind me of him.
Who is no longer here to share
this beauty with me.

The sun warms my face.
It's heat is burning me.
Just like his hands, that had touched me
for so many years.
I close my eyes.
I see his face.
I feel his love
burning inside of me.

The breeze blows so softly on me.
I open my eyes to behold
shades of green, bark of white
dandelions of yellow
tall grass blowing in the breeze
Empty river bed showing layers
of ancient stone and rock.

What wonders has my valley seen
in the endlessness of time?
A place where it seems, time
has stood still, frozen in place.
Just as his love remains in me.

The time has come to leave my perch,
to go inside and
do those every day things,
that are now what my life
has become.

But I will return, time after time
through out my day.
For a few moments, minutes or hours.
To look below at my valley lost in time
A valley so serene , a valley
where he waits for me.

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