My whole life was pulled out from me in one fatal night

by Heidi

I was married for seventeen years, me and husband had two kids one girl and one boy. My husband was a plumber, he worked very hard. He was a wonderful man, he was a great dad. He was the love of my life.

I never dreamed that I would be a day without him, it has been two years and six months since he was taken from us.

Well let me tell you my story. It was our anniversary, we would have been married 17 years. We went out to eat with the kids then we went shopping. It was around ten oclock my husband was tired because he was working on a plumber job. He needed to finish the job the next day so he ould get paid, so we could go on vacation with the family.

So we went home early, big mistake. We went upstairs to unload the packages and all our stuff. My husband said to me I am going to get milk. I said no, we don't need it, don't go we have enough. He did not listen, so I said if you are going then throw out the garbage, he said ok.

He went down the stairs and I watched him, he smiled at me he was very tired ad stressed out. His dad was sitting out there on the porch like always. They started talking, my son went down to his grandfather, he loved to sit with him outside. They must have talked for about a hour and then finally my husband went to the store. My son had no shoes on, so he did not go with him like he normally would.

So my husdand went hisself. So my son and his father sat on the porch waiting for him to come back, I was upstairs with my daughter, we were putting away the food, so my husband comes back and my father in law notices he does not look right, he told my son to go upstairs and get mommy.

He runs upstairs and said mommy, daddy is hurt, someone hurt him. I screamed and me and my daughter ran down the stairs, he was laying on the floor with a crowd of people all around him .

His father was holding him and crying, he had been stabbed in his left side very deeply, he was bleeding a little. Which was bad beause all the blood was inside, they cut two of his main arteries and left him for dead. The ambulance came and he died in the ambulance they could not save him.

My life is ruined and my kids to my whole family is destroyed by this. Life will never be the same without him. He was a great man he did not derserve to die like that. I don't know what to do I have to go on for my kids, I have no choice. I feel like times I can't hold on but I see them and I have to.

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May 17, 2010
How is your healing progression going?
by: Anonymous

Wow, sounds almost like my story. My precious, handsome, funny and loving husband of 17 years died suddenly. I don't understand this, but he, too did plumbing, fixed decks...literally a jack of all trades and did everything for me.

He came home one night tired. Said he would not be out long b/c he had to get up at 6AM to finish a project, so he could get paid and we could enjoy an evening out. I went to church, came home, he was snoring. Checked on him twice, snoring, then went to bed. He did not wake up!

This happened on Saturday morning April 24, 2010. You have to keep moving, keep living for the children and pray when u can because sometimes you don't even feel like praying. My faith is on trial and I have to trust God to restore and keep me and our children, every second of every day. I also have to cast down fear thinking I'm next. I said a prayer for you and send my heart love long distance.

Feb 28, 2010
Good Die Young
by: Down Under

Heidi, I cannot find the right words to say to you except my deepest condolences on the loss of your husband. Life is not meant to be easy and it clearly shows here that the good die young. May the sweet memories live on in your hearts of the family.

Feb 27, 2010
by: wina

Oh, I am so sorry about your loss. It must be very very painful. I shall offer prayers of peace and acceptance though it is very hard for you all.
God bless you.

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