My wonderful father in law

I have been through alot of bereavement in my life my younger brother accidentally was hung in school at the age of 13 (he was buried in his confirmation suit he was a week away from making it). Four years later my dad died of a massive heart attack , we had to break into the bathroom to get to him he was only 50 I was 22 at the time . I never really felt I was able to grieve properly as I did not want to upset my mum .

I am now 50 and my father in law passed away last year he was 88 Years of age but a very healthy active man . Again we had to break into the house to find him . I absolutely loved this man and we had a fantastic relationship . I took him shopping and we would be in contact at least twice a week . I find his death so hard to get over and my mum has accused me of been more upset about his death than I was for my brother or dad . I do feel very guilty about this but can't help my feelings . I feel very low at the moment and am finding it harder to get on with my life .???

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Nov 26, 2012
lose of father in law
by: gillian

Hi, i know how you feel. I lost my father in law on the 25th October 2012. I am devastated. I looked after him. He lived next door. My dad passed away 7 years ago and i lost my mum when i was 20. The love and companionship i had with my father in law was amazing. I respected him and truly loved him like my own dad. There was never a day went by without me seeing him. I made all his meals and looked after him. We became very close. I am lost with out him. I am sorry to here about your loss. Sometimes people don't understand how close you can get to someone. Take care Gillian

Oct 22, 2012
My wonderful father in law
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your young brother at 13yrs. Your Dad dying, and now yur father-in-law. It matters not whether your mum has challenged you over you grieving more for your father-in-law than your brother or dad. IT IS HOW YOUR FEEL. Don't ever let anyone make you feel guilty over you expressing yourself more for an individual than the one they think you should be grieving more for. Everyone has a different relationship with an individual. That perhaps feels more significant than to others. You just perhaps BONDED better with your father-in-law as you mum BONDED WITH her HUSBAND AND SON. Your mom has no right to interfere here. Your brother died so very young. You wouldn't have had the opportunity to establish a meaningfull BOND with him. This happens as one gets older. You may have to just ignore your mother's remarks or CONFRONT her about how you feel and how she has made you feel by her insensitive remark.

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