My Wonderful Granny

Losing this very special person has been the hardest thing in my life . She was truly my best friend.. I told her everything .. She passed away February 8, 2013 .. It was a very sudden death .. So I wasn't prepared for it or anything .. She had a heart attack .. I was talking to her the night before she died but I lost signal so couldn't finish our conversation so I text her and told her good night I love you .. And she sent me goodnight I love you too .. And that was the last words I said to my wonderful granny .. I think that was the best thing I could ever of said .. I am just so lost with out her .. She has the biggest part of my heart .. I am only 17 .. It kills me how much she is gonna miss .. She is gonna miss me graduating, going to college , getting engaged, walking down the isle to get married, seeing my kids some day .. I just don't wanna do anything of these things because she isn't gonna be there.. I feel like nobody understands what I am going through ... I find my self thinking about her 24/7 .. She's the only thing that is on my mind .. I feel like I have nothing of her but our memories .. I would give anything to have just one more 1 minute conversation with her .. I love you so much granny and I don't know how I am gonna go through this works without RIP

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Mar 06, 2013
My Wonderful Granny
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your granny. You are so very young still and this will be a very painful experience for you to deal with. None of us on this site knew of the pain of losing someone we loved. It is such an unbearable pain we wonder how we will go on in life without them. You are so early in the stage of grief and so you will have this discomfort for some time. But it does get better in time.
We are all the same we think of the one we have lost 24/7. I lost my husband of 44yrs. 10 months ago and I still have him on my mind all the time. He is just there. I don't have to force myself to think of him or a memory. It is just there. I too feel lost without my loved one. I would think of the same things. Oh Steve won't be here to see his grandchildren at all and train them up. He won't be here to see them grow up. He wont' know what will happen to me and when I will die. He won't know anything about his 3 Adult children and if they will have any more children. He won't know if our youngest daughter gets married. He won't see the home he built up and the changes I have made. he would be proud of this and how quickly I am finishing the house for our 3 children to inherit. But I do it all alone. this is the hardest part.
I hope you have good friends and a family to help you through your grief. Life will get better in time. Best wishes

Mar 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I know how you feel, I feel the same about mine. The last thing I said to her was I love you and she said it back to me. The raw pain is the hardest, I cannot even go to her funeral Saturday because it would just be unbearable. There is a hole in my heart and the pain is nearly physical. I pray that you will be comforted and be healed. God bless.

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