My wonderful son Jesse Trey Stafford 6-5-90 to 2-6-12 <3 <3

by Kristine
(Phoenix, AZ)

Jesse and his passion...skating

Jesse and his passion...skating

Jesse and his passion...skating
Jesse and Uncle Jon at the river
Jesse with his guitar
Jesse and his little sister...

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Jesse Trey Stafford is my son, a son any mother would be proud to have, always the quiet one, always the one who never argued back or demanded this or that. You respected your parents, you respected authority, you loved your family and friends and there wasnt anything you wouldnt do for them. You made your friends feel like family, your door was always opened to them, which is why there were always so many young boys hanging out at our home. We had so many of your friends over at any one time, skateboarding in the drive way, laughing, joking, having so much fun. I still cant believe I wont ever see those times again, you were only 21 yrs old when you left us, when you did you left a hole that just cant ever be filled........

You had your younger brother Cody, you two got along pretty well, shared so many things together, some of the same friends, some of the same playstation games, I wont ever forget hearing the two of you playing BattleField 3 out in the livingroom after everyone else had gone to bed. You were so quiet when you played but your brother boy oh boy he wasnt quiet by no means! Hed hoop and a holler, say "yeah man" and get em Jess" hed get so loud hed wake me up, Id come out there and Jesse say, it isnt me mom, and point the finger over to Cody and smile, Id say, yeah I know whose the loud one but the two of you still got pretty loud playing together....Id do anything to hear you two playing right now, hearing you laugh and laugh, saying "yeah dawg" it was a beautiful sound, to hear two brothers laughing and enjoying each others company, just having fun.

Then you had your little sister Tia, and yes we all know how your little sister was with that mind of her own, she made friends with everyone and anyone and I know so many times it upset you, youd worry about her, she was just so friendly, youd never let her know that you worried about her though, she always thought you didnt care about her and she looked up to you, Tia worshiped the ground you walked on. She'd come into my room sometimes and ask me why her brothers didnt like her and Id have to explain that they did like her, as a matter of fact they loved her but they are just boys and sometimes boys try and act tough, they dont want anyone seeing their soft side. It'd make her feel a little better but she longed for a close relationship with you both. Then about the last 5-6 months before you passed away a miracle happened, you started spending more and more time with your little sister, oh boy she was thrilled and shed tell me "mom Jesse is spending time with me and being so nice" I was so happy for the two of you. Youd ask her how to use a straight iron, and youd ask her how your new jeans looked and you were even teaching her how to do tricks on the skateboard...Those last 6 months are ones Tia will cherish forever and Im so glad you two came together as brother and sister..

Jesse you were a wonderful son, wonderful grandson,, brother, cousin and friend, each and everyone of us could go on and on about all the wonderful, awesome and amazing things you did in your short life. You loved the outdoors, being at the river, going fishing, man did you love to go fishing early in the morning, I cant tell you how many times Id buy you new fishing gear!! You loved the yearly trip to Pebble Beach with your grandparents, you always counted down the days when it got close to that trip, you and your brother always had a blast there.. You loved your skateboard and making videos of all the new skate tricks you learned to do, you loved making music, playing your guitar, Im blessed to have some of that music you made left behind on my computer, and who cant forget your graffitti, wow you were an amazing artist!! I have countless notebooks all of your artwork, you did some awesome pieces...but you were respectful with that too, never painting on someone elses property or fence or wall like some who do with their graffitti, you would always ask the owner of old buildings, run down trailers, and old trains no longer in use, you would ask permission and if they told you no, youd respect that and go ask someone else, but you not only did art work outside you did it in your notebooks, you drew things for your friends which they later turned into tattoos,and we must not forget Manzanita!! Oh how you loved racing those bombers, you enjoyed working on them and racing them every weekend there, you and Cody both raced there and sometimes you came home with a car intact and other times, well, lets just say youd be getting a new bomber soon!!
you did so much for everyone and we will all miss you. I have so many happy memories of you, Id never run out of them, I just wish you were still here, right now youd be out on the computer making new skate videos or redoing some of the ones you already had or youd be playing World of Warcraft, a game you loved so much. I love you Jesse, and I wish I could have spent more time with you, but I know your always with me, always with all of us and one day we will be together again,,help your mom stay strong, help your brother and sister stay strong, your dad too...we are all having a really hard time of this........
until later Jesse, aka Aloe, aka Junefith ...TodayAndForever TAFK

Missing and loving you always, Mom

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Mar 13, 2012
loss of son
by: Bee-lieve ( Hope)

Hi, Just wanted to tell you that you are NOT alone. Ive also lost my beloved son Jan2 of this year.As I read your word, I can say i feel the same way. How are we suppose to go on with life without our cild??? It seems impossible but one day at a time we manage to struggle through and also reaching out to others who are in our shoes.

Mar 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

He sounds like he was a wonderful brother and son, I'm sorry for your loss. Hugs and much love, Ann

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