My world is broken into pieces

by Emma

I have lost my mum, my best friend, my everything. I feel shattered, broken, angry, sad, overwhelmed, distraught.

I can't breathe, eat, think. I am a mum and I don't know how to care for my children knowing I can never call my mum or Skype her again.

How do you live with this? How do I go on? Why did I make her walk out with us when she was tired, is it my fault?

My mum has so many health conditions and never once did she moan, complain etc. she always asked about others and said at least she's still she hasn't even got that!?

It's been 2 days but she had been in a coma for a week. Her lazy Skype we cried and she told my husband to take care of me...I miss her so so much and don't know how to live anymore.

Please help me

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May 23, 2014
My world is broken into pieces
by: Doreen UK

Emma you have lost a very significant member of your family and it feels as if your world has been turned upside down with disbelief and confusion about what has happened. It feels as if everything has been knocked out of you and made you feel so worn out you feel you can't take care of your family as you used to do. THIS IS NORMAL. Grief assaults our body and mind/emotions and it is the worst experience of life. I always say it feels as if one has been in an explosion and you are in pieces. How can you go on like this? How can you take care of your family? You can only do it ONE DAY AT A TIME. Just do the important things which are a priority and leave everything else till you are able to cope better. I could not function for 6 months. I could do nothing. I felt as if I was all beaten up and couldn't move. Grief is different for each of us. But this was my experience. Do one good thing for yourself each day and every day. This is very healing and a way it will give you the energy you need to move through each day better. Then focus on the needs of your children. This will help you to prioritize. This is what I did. As the days went by I felt stronger. It has been 2yrs. since I lost my husband and I still have very sorrowful days. We all feel the same way "How do I go on?" You can only do this one step, one moment, one day at a time. You can also help yourself by getting support from extended family. Ask someone to sit with the children so that you can have moments to yourself to grieve. Crying is the best form of grief as it washes out one's pain until it gets less over time. A mother has been such a strong influence in her children's life as chief nurturer and we are bound to feel as if our world has crumbled and we can't go on anymore in life. You are a mother and your children will one day have to cope with losing you. DEATH gives us a REALITY CHECK. I am a mother and now having to put things in place for my daughter so she will find it easier to cope with my death. It is something we find difficult, but once done it will help our children to realise the fragility of life whilst still enjoying those moments which is our birth right and heritage. The emptiness and loneliness are the most difficult aspects of loss when we realise we will never see our loved ones' again. You will recover a little each day. It does get better otherwise our grief would kill us. Who wants to live with such unbearable pain too long. It is CRUSHING. May God come close to you and your family and give you His Comfort and Peace.

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